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its not supernatural, clairvoyance, occult or psychic....its science....the psychology of dreams
i can competently interpret any dream using the science/psychology of Carl Jung

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About Jerry

In 1992 I initiated a personal journey of self discovery beginning with the introduction to American Mythologist Joseph Campbell. Campbell is best known for his work in comparative mythology and religion and his exploration of the many facets of the human experience. After Campbell I began a deeper examination of the psyche using the psychology of Carl Jung. I became interested in dreams and soon discovered I had an intuitive understanding of the inner processes within the unconscious, and the dream world. Psychology had always been a great interest but the course of my life led me in a different direction. That was until I discover Campbell and The Power of Myth in 1992.

I first began interpreting dreams in 1998 and at about the same time undertook learning web design. The web design led to my first web site in late 1998, Myths-Dreams-Symbols. From actual experience from working with dreams I developed a higher intuitive sense of dream psychology. Now with more than 15 years of practical experience I have learned to competently interpret their symbolic language. It is partly science {Jungian psyche} and partly the intuitive understanding of dreams that allows me to successfully decode their important message.

In 2005 I started a Dream Forum at my Myths-Dreams-Symbols website that allowed visitors to post their dreams for interpretation {free interpretations}. At this forum I have interpreted more than 3,000 dreams with follow-up responses from the dreamer and other comments that total more than 15,000 posts. More importantly the forum has allowed to me to gain personal insights to the structure as well as language of dreams. Jungian psychology is an in-depth but difficult study of the unconscious psyche and it takes practical experience to truly understand the concepts he developed. My success with interpreting dreams is a testament to his genius and a verification that his concepts about dreams are correct. I invite anyone to read the dream posts, my interpretations and the follow-up responses from the dreamer to verify my affirmation of Jungian dream psychology.

Today I am retired from the contracting business I started in 1978 and spend most of my time working with dreams and developing/maintaining my websites. My desire is to work with individuals who have an interest in their dreams and wish to learn the power they hold. Anyone who has discovered the 'inner journey', or wishes to discover that path to wholeness, those who are at that mid-life stage and seek to find meaning and structure in life, or anyone who is seeking to find a spiritual realm and/or a creative identity, dreams and Jungian psyche is one path that can fulfill these desires. I have 63 years of personal experiences of an active emotional life that lends itself to understanding other people's emotions. Add that to my abilities with the unconscious psyche I am able to read a person and provide insights to their life that often go unrealized. I am not a psychic {palm reader, crystal balls} but my psyche abilities are real. I hope to use those abilities to help others find what I have discovered. A balanced, harmonious and happy life where I am able to participate in the 'bliss' I have been seeking all along.
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