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The Psychology of Dreams
Last Updated 1-15-2013

Being detached from any spiritual condition for nearly thirty years and having suffered a stunted childhood due to not having the proper guidance of a father, it was a turning point in my life that one Sunday evening when I just happened to see Joseph Campbell in the PBS program 'The Power of Myth' with Bill Moyers. After the program ended I remember saying to myself, "that fits, that is what I am about". After 20+ years of studying Jungian psyche, and through the brilliant articulation of my spiritual mentor Joseph Campbell, I know without doubt that it does indeed fit. The myths were speaking to me, touching the true person within. Through Campbell and Jung I had found meaning and direction, a new self, and a spiritual indentity that had been missing throughout my adult life. More importantly I had discovered a creative self, and from that an ability to express my true self through my websites, especially Myths-Dreams-Symbols.

I've always had an interest in psychology but it wasn't until I was 42 that I took up the mantle that was to become my 'bliss'. Beginning with a self examination of myself through Jung's Individuation Process I became aware of the inner resources that were available, not obligated to the corrupted ego self but in the service of healing of the whole self. From that examination I discovered there is indeed a creative Self and with the discovery of this other being I realized I possessed a natural intuitive ability to understand and interpret dreams. Abiding by the mandates of the hero myth I patterned my life after Campbell's Monomyth, an outline of the patterns of life to be expected if one strives to live a spiritual life.

Perhaps the most important tenet of the Monomyth is to share with others what you learn from the hero journey. After 20 years of living the journey {we all are heroes when we travel the spiritual path}, and having taken early retirement in October of 2012, I find myself in a place where I can put my all of my energies to sharing my experiences and abilities with dreams. Being the objective person that I am it is from experience I place my allegiance and not from philosophy of a saint or celebrity. As such it requires real evidence for me to support any idea or concept and from experience I have gained a knowledge that prompts me to know the path I am taking and the life I am living is a viable concept that others can benefit from. I am compelled by the statues of the Monomyth to share what i have learned so they too can have access to a message that resonates with the soul. So much so that when one hears the message there is a natural attraction to it. The reason for that is because the message is from the soul and from those depths what is true ring true.
Interpreting Dreams

Although I am not a psychologist and definitely not an 'academic' authority on Jungian psychology, I do possess a natural and intuitive understanding of Jungian psyche and his philosophies of the dream. I could state my cause with good vernacular but the best evidence of my abilities are in the posted dreams and my interpretations. There is an abundant amount of evidence in the 3000+ interpretations at the Myths-Dreams-Symbols Dream Forum. There are 15,000+ posted dreams with the follow-up comments that allow me to access my interpretations and discover from first hand experience what fits. From these experiences I can gauge not only my abilities but also whether Jung's concepts of the dream are correct. Without reservations I can attest that they are. One merely needs to read the dreams, the interpretations, the follow up responses and the dialog with the dreamer to ascertain the facts.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning that a trained Jungian psychologist who uses dream interpretation as a part their therapy has access to a patient's life experiences. in my 'analysis' of a dream the only information I have about the dreamer is their age and gender. There is not generally information about the dreamer before hand that provides clues to what the dream may be trying to communicate. That may say something about the gift I possess but more important it tells me that Jung's concepts of the dream world and the deep unconscious are indeed correct. It is not by coincidence that Jung's theories have survived the test of time. My dream forum is but another test that supports his philosophies, theories and concepts.

Myths-Dreams-Symbols is constantly undergoing changes, an evolution of love that is an intrinsic part of my person. Any comments about this site are welcome. I can be contacted at this e-mail.


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