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Aardvark - Conscious or unconscious motivations that are eating at you. Those little things that are consciously or unconsciously eating at you.

Abandonment - May represent a neglected part of yourself, an instinctive drive, a desire or ambition. Loss of external guidance, self-esteem. Feeling of abandonment by someone close to you who has died, or simply moved away. Can represent a feeling of insecurity in a relationship.

Abattoir - Raw emotions or instinctive drives. A need to forsake 'earthly' pursuits in favour of 'higher' or spiritual pursuits.

Abby - May symbolize those parts of the psyche that lie beneath the surface, below the level of consciousness. The spiritual aspect.

Abdomen - Associate the feelings of pain in the adbomen with tension in your life. Can you 'stomach' some person or attitude you are having? May be the dream wanting to bring the dreamer's conscious attention to a part of the body that is diseased {use this possibility with caution}. May represent the unconscious directing you to pay more attention to your intuitive self. May represent sexual feelings. A physiological feeling of a full bladder or indigestion.

Aborginial - The orginal self, the true person hidden under the mask of the ego. A part of yourself that is foreign to you; repressed aspects or emotions.

Abortion - A blockage or aborting new directions or opportunities in your life. Expulsion or extraction of certain aspects about yourself.

Above - The intellect, thinking aspect. Maybe you need to lift your sights, embrace a new goal. New attitudes, tap into your 'higher' creative self.

Absorb - Merge or blending of different aspects, emotions or events in your life; a stronger aspect i.e., the will to find love overcoming a lesser aspect i.e., the fear of rejection.

Abyss - Impending danger, which can be real or just imagined.What is causing aniety in your life?Is it real or are you making mountains out of molehills? Drowning in an abyss may reflect despair and anxiety.

Academy - Learning experiences, regimentation. An opportunity for building new relationships, meeting new friends, crossing new bridges.

Accelerator - A need to speed up the process that is before you, or perhaps you are going too fast. Being in control. A jammed accelerator may symbolize losing control, bad habits or aspects that control you.

Accident - Unintentional behavior. Pay attention to your whole being, physical, psychological, spiritual. If the accident involves another person in your dream, what aspect of that person relates to your personality?

Accordion - Feeling boxed in. Controlling the inner aspects, the creative self. Feeling like an accordion.

Accountant - Balancing ones life by taking charge of thoughts and actions. Surmising one's life through reflection and contemplation. Objectivity and awarness.

Accusation - Unconscious accusing the conscious self. What is it in your waking life that needs confronting?

Achieve - Success in your life. A need to be more productive.

Aching - Painful decisions or experiences. Facing difficult choices.

Acid- Attitudes you have that have the power to corrupt or corrode. Self destruction, rage and anger that are boiling inside of you.

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Dreams & REM Sleep

The discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep suggested that sleep was not, as it was thought to be, a dormant state but rather a mentally dynamic one. Your brain is, in fact, very active in this state, almost to the level at which it is when a person is awake. Yet during this active stage in which most dreams occur, the movements of the rest of the body are completely stilled.
In normal sleeping patterns a person usually passes through five phases of sleep, the fifth being REM. The sleeping human passes cyclically through these five phases throughout a night's rest. These phases can be defined in electrical activity of the brain; much like the activity of the heart is often defined. The technique of measuring the electrical activity of the brain is call Electro-encephalogram, or EEG. When the electrical events of a person's brain are graphed on a electrical magnitude versus time axis the graph of a person who is in different stages of being asleep or awake appear to have different levels of electrical activity occurring in the brain....more

Acorn - Seed to potential personal growth. Planting seeds that will bear fruit later in life.

Acquaintance - Unconscious knowledge or information about some aspect within yourself; a person with whom you are acquainted. A reunion with someone or something.

Acrobat - Skill and coordination. A balancing act. Daring characteristics in your personality.

Actor (Actress) - A role you are playing in your waking life. Not the 'real' you, wish fulfillment. You wear a mask in the social world, acting out unconscious intentions developed from childhood and early life experiences. A desire to be noticed.

Acupuncture - Treating unconscious motivations. Confronting specific aspects to control pain. Alternative ways to reach healing. Pinpointing the source of your discomfort or pain.

Adam - Orginal aspects that within the psyche pertain to masculine behavior {see anima/animus}. Temptations, and the consequences. Patriarchal thinking, masculine over feminine. Imbalance.

Addiction - Dependency on something or someone. A loss of control and/or weakness. Driven by unconscious fear or attitudes. Surrendering self awareness to someone else or something else other than what is best for you.

Addition - Are things adding up as they should? What is the total sum of your life? Adding up the sum total of who you are and where you are going.

Admiration - Seeking or needing appreciation, self-esteem, approval. Too much energy placed on idealism, glorification.

Adolescent - 'Adolescent' judgement and not mature thinking. Confusion over rapid changes in your life; acting childish in your waking life.

Adoption - Bringing in new aspects of one's self. Assuming new responsibilities, perhaps those of others more than yourself. Being adopted means that the child within you needs to be released more often.

Adrift - Lack of guidance in your life. Needing or seeking purpose in your life.

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Adultry - Giving energies and attention to something that is separating you from inner growth, or from things that are important in your life. May represent a merger of aspects of yourself deemed unnatural by some but are essential for balance in your life. Adultry may indicate a fear of weakness in your relation to spouse or even different aspects of yourself. An expression of repressed unconscious sexual desires considered indecent. Dreaming of your partner committing adultery may indicate fears and weaknesses in your relationship.

Advancement - Leaving behind old or unwanted attitudes. When you dream of others advancing and leaving you behind, it might reflect fears of being overtaken by the competition.

Adventure - Risky behavior or thinking. On the other hand, it may be an indication you need to be more adventerous in your approach to life. The hero/heroine path is full of adventure with many trials and revelations {see The Hero's Adventure}.

Adversary - Competing emotions. Inner conflict. The opposite of who you think you are; your true self. Aggressive behavior directed at you. The unconscious foe within you. Confronting the Shadow brings about healing.

Adversity - Distressful times in your life. Low esteem, thoughts of bad luck, catastrophe, disaster. Dreaming of overcoming adversity is taking control, being positive in the darkest moments.

Advertisement - A need to pay attention to your higher self or aspects that are productive and are ignored. A need to express yourself better or the need for the unconscious to express itself so you consciously understand more about your true self. Drawing attention to yourself; seeking attention.

Advice - Seeking an appropriate course of action. The unconscious {through the dream} providing answers to conscious problems. Deliberate action; knowledge.

Affair - Dreams of a spouse having an affair with no real reason to be suspicious should be seen as your own possible insecurities . Look to the possibility of the unconscious mind wanting/needing to expose itself in a manner that uses an affair as a way to inform the conscious mind. If you dream that you are cheating, then perhaps it is a feeling of being sexually unsatisfied, or unappreciated.

Affection - The need for love and acceptance. Your personality is one of a loving, affectionate person.

Afraid - Aniexty; repressed emotions; guilt. What makes you afraid in your waking life?

Age - Aniexty of growing old. A weakness or vulnerability; your mature strenght.

Agony - Difficult situations in your life. Disharmony in mental, emotional, physical or spiritual self.

Agree - Mutual consent of the unconscious self and conscious mind. Often a sign you are traveling the right path. Successfully working to find a solution.

Aggression - Aggression in your waking life that you have not acknowledged consciously. Some instinctive part of your psyche that has been neglected and is becoming rebellious and needs attention consciously. A threatening situation in your life.

Agriculture - Cultivating your natural instincts. Trying to work out your problems in a very down to earth efficient way. Hard work produces satisfied results.

Aids - Dreams of having Aids may indicate feeling threatened by some indefencable force. A dire lack of harmony in your life.

Air - The spiritual aspect within the psyche. Hot air colliding with cold air may indicate opposite forces within your life.

Air Conditioner - A time to 'cool off' to something or someone, or some aspect you possess.

Air Force - Discipline is need to achieve goals. The spiritual aspect needs cultivating. Organizing forces within. Flying too high.

Understanding the definition of a word may provide clues to its symbolic meaning. Look it up at

Airplane - Soaring to new heights. It may be you are looking to go beyond your capablilities. But it also could indicate new heights are what you need. Spiritual awakening. A sexual symbol representing the penis. Liberation, release, transcendence. Escaping from daily routines.

Airplane Crash - Losing control. Setting your goals too high and fearing failure. Drastic changes in your life. A fear of flying.

Airport - A desire or need for a new departure or new adventure in your personal life. A foreign country may represent your unconscious, in which the dream is telling you that you have not arrived at your desired destination. A busy airport is an indication of ambitious new beginnings.

Alabaster - Positive emotions; love, romance. Broken alabaster represents negative emotions, broken heart, grief.

Alarm - A warning of danger in your waking life. A call from the unconscious for a need to pay attention to inner resources.

Albatross - Unconscious warning of difficult situations, possibly bad decisions or bad luck. Something you feel that is hanging over you.

Albino - Merging of competing emotions. Lacking full understanding of oneself. The positive aspect of a bad situation.

Album - Reflecting on past memories and experiences. Organizing past experiences to help understand current situations.

Alchemy - A desire for change. A period of transformation, perhaps spiritual. Expecting too much from too little.

Alcohol - Losing control. Uncontrollable situations that need discipline to overcome. Escaping reality. Hiding a feeling of guilt. Inhibitions.

Alien - A part of yourself that is neglected or unknown, such as your spiritual self. Undiscovered parts of yourself. Dreaming that you are surrounded by aliens is an indication that you might be finding some difficulties ajusting to a new environment, new people or a new job.

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Alimony - Required maintenance of some aspect in your life. A need for support of neglected parts of yourself. Justifying past actions and facing the consequences.

Allergies - Annoyning problems that are hard to overcome. Uncomfortable situations. Bad reactions to a certain situation.

Alley - Your unconscious or subconscious. walled in with no escape. Backing into a situation.

Alligator - Treachery, deceit and danger. Power of expression. Fear of misusing verbal expression. The power of the unconscious mind needing to express itself {repressed emotions}. Dangerous unconscious motivations that need controlling.

Alloy - Mental complications involving conflicting emotional situations in your life. Impairing the quality of one aspect of yourself by injecting too much of another quality.

Almanac - Trying to forecast situations before they happen {dreams tend to do this by means of compensation}. The temptation of easy of easy fortunes and pleasures at the cost of not doing what needs to be done.

Alone - A fear of being alone (if the dream is negative). A need to go it alone (if dream is positive).

Altar - May represent a death and resurrection, an ending to some event or relationship and the beginning of a new one. May symbolize a union of oppossing emotions.

Aluminium - May symbolize something of value with regard to your personal development. Silver has associations with the moon, and may therefore symbolize the feminine; intuition; or the unconscious.

Ambulance - An emergency, but not necessarily in a literal sense. Pay attention to the situation at hand, in the dream as well as in your waking life. A vehicle for healing, such as a part of you that has been neglected. A need to pay attention to your health. Unhealthy situations that require healing.

Ambush - Repressing emotions or aspects that are capable of attacking your well being at a later time in life. A clear indication of danger.

Ammonia - Clouded thinking. Deluted emotions that can lead to explosive situations.

Ammunition - Dreaming of ammunition shows your determination to use all means in your power to get to what you want.

Amor - Displaying love, perhaps a need to love oneself. Illicit love and pleasures. Are you tempting yourself with too much of a good thing?

Amputate - A need or desire to remove unpleasant emotions or situations in life. Removing unwanted parts of yourself.

Amusement Park - Recalling missed childhood pleasures. Pleasurable events or aspects. An empty amusement park, relates to your feeling of loneliness. Crowded emotions that tend to ovecome your pleasure sensory aspects.

Anaconda - Restriction of some aspect of the psyche self; repression. A snake may symbolize sexuality; psychic energy, or the power of Nature; intuitive wisdom; the unconscious.

Anaesthetic - May symbolize some kind of death wish or some longed-for escape from painful circumstances. Allowing the unconscious to inform the conscious self.

Anal Sex - A need to express your repressed sexual desires. Obtaining what you desire by going through unorthodoxed methods. The unconscious trying to penetrate the conscious mind. Illicit desires.

Ancestor - The natural aspect of your being; your true self. Holding on to traditionsl values. Dreaming of your ancestors you find an inner strength, a sense of security and belonging.

House Dreams
Houses in a dream most always symbolize the dreamer; different aspects of the psyche being represented by the different rooms, levels in the house, outer and/or inner aspects. It is your self-image, yet at the same can reveal the inner parts. Typically the different rooms of a house may symbolize the different emotions or complexes. The oldest, the deepest layers of the unconscious - what Jung called the 'collective unconscious' will be seen as basement and the hidden spaces below that level.
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Anchor - A desire for security, for someone or something that is reliable in your life. A constraint that prevents you from fulfilling yourself, hindering your progress. Stability because you are anchored in principles and values.

Ancient - Old parts of the psyche that inform the senses with truth instead of ego-centered desires and impulses. Your wise, mature self.

Androgynous - The balanced psyche. A balanced life. Incorporating all aspects of who you are into a balanced self. Bringing together opposing forces, attitudes, emotions.

Anecdote - A simple answer to seemingly difficult questions. A need t add humor to your life. An account of who you are.

Anesthesia - Trying to avoid dealing straightforwardly with your problems. A loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness.

Angel - Your higher (positive)or spiritual self. Possessing a clear consciousness. Helping hands that seem to come from no where.

Anger - You are frustrated or angry at something or someone. Some type of aggression in your life. Conflict or negative emotions or attitudes.

Angling - Fishing for answers in the unconscious. Being taken in, hook, line and sinker.

Animals - Parents may appear in a dream in the guise of animals. It then would represent a love-hate feeling toward that parent. May represent other people in which the meaning would symbolize a slyness or aggressiveness that is characteristic of that person. May be symbolic of some primative or animal part of your psyche; thus the emotional response to the animal would represent a fear (if the animal in your dream is feared) of an instinctive urge. May represent your animal nature; aggression or anger buried in your unconscious. Perhaps you need to pay more attention to your instincts instead of listening to others.

Animosity - Hostel emotions directed at others or your ownself. Feelings of rejection.

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Ankle - A need to explore new directions. Support is needed for the foundation of who you really are or want to be.

Annoyed - Some unknown irritant that you may not be consciously aware of. Something that is bothering you in your waking life.

Annulment - Unconsciously rejecting a feeling or a situation, and that you are in a state of denial.

Anorexic - A need to control, often at the expense of your own good health. Lacking a normal routine that will provide balance to your life.

Answering Machine - Ingoring an important message that must get to you in a way or another. A need to pay more attention to your unconscious.

Ant - Carrying your own weight; strenght; industrious. Also can symbolize annoyance, little things that bug you. Hard work, strict discipline, team work and conformity.

Anteater - Little things are consuming you, taking your strenght.

Antelope - Grace and strenght which may symbolize fertility - the power of growth within your psyche. If repressed, it could mean destructive/threatening forces in the unconscious.

Antenna - May symbolize communication, your own skills or communication from the unconscious. Are you receiving alnd understanding all that you should?

Anticlockwise-You may be going against your true nature, taking a wrong direction, making wrong decisions. Going to the left may signify moving over from a cerebral to a more intuitive appraoch to life. {The hero in mythology always takes the left hand path, one of intuitiveness and less of social duty.

Antidote - Unconscious solutions to those things that poison the conscious life. Curing what ills you.

Antique - Information available from the deeper layers of the unconscious {your wise self}. Past experiences that are of great value.

Antlers - The masculine aspect: assertiveness, strength, aggressiveness, fighting spirit. Seeking respect from adversaries.

Anvil - Shaping your life with your own abilities. Strength, power, perhaps using these assets to shape something in your life.

Anxiety-May be a straightforward feeling of anxiety in your waking life. It may also be a disguise for some repressed aggression or resentment. Anxiety dreams are the most common dreams

Apartment - The layer of the unconscious that represents the ego life. An aspect of the ego self. Just one part of the whole self. Room for growth.

Ape - Your instinctive nature, natural impulses. Carefree attitudes. May symbolize sexuality, especially those aspects that tend to disgust you.

Apocalypse - An end to some phase, event in your life. Also see death. This is a symbol representing fear and evil. What is in your life that gives you fear or makes you want to do evil?

Apollo - Solving problems using your higher awareness. Your higher, more progressive self.

Apology - Seeking forgiveness, of oneself or others. Confronting the truth.

Appear - Those things that appear when they are supposed to, including unconscious aspects that are needed when called upon.

Applause - Recognition of those valuable assets. Seeking approval. Validating success.

Apple - Nutrition for spiritual growth. Fertility, growth, love and prosperity. Forbidden love, repressed desires, sweet temptations.

Apple Tree - Spiritual growth. Overcoming tempations.

What Is A Metaphor?
A metaphor is where one thing is spoken as if it were another. The house in a dream is most often a metaphor for the dreamer, the house being a representation of the dreamer. The house would represent the dreamer's psychological, physical and/or spiritual condition, a proxy for the complexes. In most instances you should take dream symbols as metaphorical references to the dreamer's condition and not a literal interpretation, to fully understand the message in the dream.

Apprentice - Learning how to be skillful. Conscious aspects needing guidance from the unconscious; learning to use instincts and intuition.

Apricot - Unconscious aspects becoming conscious. Beginning to recognize those true values within.

April - New beginnings. Fertility and growth.

Apron - Prepartion for work ahead. Cooking up new ideas.

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Aquarium - The unconscious, where true aspects of the self reside. Confinement to unconscious attitudes/emotions that need to be brought to consciousness.

Aqueduct - Bridging the unconscious and conscious. The unconscious seeking conduit to the conscious mind.

Arcade - Losing oneself in the pleasures of life. Covering up those true aspects that provide growth and balance.

Arch - Discovering new dimensions. Seeking higher potential in life's endeavors.

Archaeology - Uncovering one's past. Self examination {see Individuation}.

Archbishop - Searching for credible sources, and strong references. Looking to others for resources more easily obtainable within oneself.

Archery - Seeking self love. Achieving one's objectives through discipline and organization.

Architect - The creative aspect. Skill and creativity. Planning ahead to achieve an objective.

Argument - Inner conflict - conflict between parts of yourself. Conflict in your life.

Ark - highly mystic and of a sacred nature, it might refer to something or someone you need to protect and cherish deeply.

Arm - An arm is an extension of yourself. Right arm often symbolizes sending or giving, left arm often symbolizes receiving or bringing in. Left arm would also symbolize the creative/metaphysical self, whereas the right arm would symbolize social duty/physical self. Losing an arm may suggest an inability to care for yourself and others.

Arm(s)-Arms are what we do things with. They therefore represent our ability or effectiveness, creativity or usefullness. Aches or pains in the arms may represent feelings of inadequacy, or a loss of self-esteem.

Armadillo - Covering up and making it hard for others to reach you. Covering up unconscious contents.

Armageddon - A fear of something coming to and end with dire consequences as a result. Experiencing extreme stress and lots of tensions in your life. Fear of death, or an end to something in your life. Overly religious attitudes.

Armor-Symbolizes an effort to protect ourselves against emotions that fill us with anxiety. Defending oneself when feeling threatened. Conscious attitudes coming under attack from unconscious resources {negative aspects being threatened by unconscious positive forces}.

Armpit - Hidden traits, often exposing unwanted or undesired aspects.

Army - Masculine aspects. Feeling strong, protected and superior. Opposing armies may represent those things in life that threaten you. An inability to measure up.

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Aroma - Recalling joyous memories and pleasant experiences. Sweet smell of success.

Arrested - loss of freedom, stagnacted.

Artic - frozen emotions. Inflexable in your attitudes.

Artist - May represent the unfulfilled creative and/or intuitive side of your nature.

Ascent - Climbing higher or ascending to a higher position may signify simply high achievement. an arduous mountain to climb may signify a hard but rewarding task. May represent the acquiring of a more spiritual, les worldly perspective or lifestyle. On the other hand it may represent a state of mind that is too idealistic, or too much in the grip of fantasy. What is ascending may be unconscious knowledge that is ready for conscious attention.

Ass - May signify stupidity-your own! A symbol for animal impulses that are unconscious, intuitive.

Assassin - Those aspects that tend to 'kill' off potentialities. Subverting realizations of one's goals by one's own actions or by outside forces.

What Is Personality?
Personality is a hypothetical construct that we use in an attempt to understand two noticeable things about human behavior: The first is that, within an individual, there is a consistency in behavior from time to time and across situations. The second is that the pattern of consistency differs from person to person.

Attack - Conscious attitudes under attack, often from the unconscious self. Feeling threatened by someone or some thing. Real life experiences of being attacked, literally, psychologically or verbally.

Attic-The highest room in the house {you} where all types of things are stored {past experiences, emotions, attitudes}, most likely to do with ecentric self. They may be repressed or just stored until something wakens them. The thinking mind {as opposed to intuitive and instincts}. The human head.

Auditorium - An auditorium is where an audience sits. The audience may symbolize your total self, all the aspects or emotions of your psyche. It is your total self.

Aunt - Feminine part of the psyche; qualities or characteristics you identify with particular individual which are projected aspects of yourself. {see anima/animus}

Aurora Borealis - The spiritual experience. Dawn of new possibilities. Feminine or creative aspect.

Automobile - You, your ego, your personality, your life and it's direction. Who is driving? Where are you sitting? If you are in the driver's seat then you are in control of (or wish to take control) of your life. If someone else is in the driver's seat, they may be controlling your life. Are you riding on all four wheels? If not, something may be missing in your life. Are the tires flat? You may feel your life is going no where. Are there others with you? These may be unknown (or known but repressed) aspects of your personality. What color is the automobile? If it is red if may symbolize anger on your part.

Autopsy - Dissecting dead parts of the psyche. Seeking answers from past experiences. Discovering causative conditions for one's life path.

Autumn - A symbol of transition. It may symbolize the ending of a particular type of achievement and a beginning of something new. may represent your 'autumn' years, the second half of life. The tree bears fruit in the autumn, so too your autumn years if lived in a balanced way.

Avalanche - A fear of disaster. If the avalanche is snow or ice, it may symbolize 'frozen' emotions that threaten to overcome you. Those things in life that tend to be overwhelming at times.

Awakening - May be a symbol of a new awareness that is dawning in your life, or one that needs to be.

Axe-May symbolize punishment and judgement-of your ownself. Self judgement is not indusive to good psychological health.
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