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I - The conscious ego. Other people, animals and objects in your dreams are usually parts of yourself that your conscious self needs to relate to and cooperate with.

Ice - Frozen emotions; sexual frigidity.

Iceberg - A symbol for your self, the tip representing your unconscious mind.

Ice-Cream - eating ice-cream may symbolize the free flow of previously 'frozen' emotions.

Icicle - May be a symbol for the penis.

Imposter - What the imposter is pretending to be is probably what you in real life are pretending to be: your persona or self-image.

Imprison - What is like ly imprisoned is some repressed emotion or instinctive drive.


  • The act of incest in a dream may symbolize a real-life incident that you witnessed or were involved in. If this is the case, talk to a good psychotherapist.
  • For a man, a dream of incest with his daughter will usually express fear of the erotic element in your feelings toward his daughter in real life; but also be a straightforward expression of desire.
  • In a man's dream involving his sister, the sister may represaent the anima figure representing the feminine side of his nature.
  • In a man's dream with his mother, the mother may express the desire he felt for her as a boy.
  • For a woman,if the dream is about her father, it may be an expression of her (repressed) childhhod desire for her father. A dream with her brother may be an animus symbol, her masculine qualities. A dream with incest with her son, or incestous desires, are probably expressing her anxiety concerning her - natural - sensuous pleasure in the sight and touch of him.
  • A man's dream or fantasized incest with his mother may represent a death-wish, a desire to return to the womb. This means your mother has properties of the Earth Mother (archetypal) in her negative, devouring aspect; he needs to throw off an attachment to his mother that is preventing the unfolding of his own individual self.

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    - Receiving something that is due to you, possible contents from your unconscious. Are you receiving what you are due?

    Inquistor - This is probably your super-ego; conscience or moral principle.

  • May symbolize either your attitudes toward your instinctive drives or unconscious forces that seem to constitute a threat to the rule of reason.
  • What's bugging you? Insects are annoying at times and may represent some atitudes or persons that are annoying you in real life.
  • If a solitary insect, it may be bringing a message from your inner self (the unconscious). Remember the cricket in Pinocchio's adventure?

    - May represent you or some part of you. What is robbing you of your energy or ability or confidence? If it is some part of you, what part have you condemned to an unproductive existence in your unconscious (repression).

  • Invasion - A symbol that you are in danger of being 'possessed' - that is, taken over by unconscious events. What is repressed (such as childhhod traumas such as abuse) festers and may eventually take over your whole psyche.

  • signify strength, but often with overtones of inflexability and ruthfulessness ('ruling with a iron fist').
  • signify imperfection, inferiority - as contrasted to gold. Gold would represent your higher self, whereas iron, an inferior metal, would represent your lesser qualities.

  • Island
  • island may be a symbol of the conscious ego's realtionship to the unconscious (the unconscious would be symbolized by the sea or ocean).
  • It may symbolize your relationship with your mother (represented by the sea, the mother being the higher source). Is the sea threatening to engulf the island?

  • From HyperDictionary.com
    Seeing an intruder in your dream, represents your feelings of guilt. Consider also what unfamiliar feelings or thoughts may be breaking into your peace of mind. Alternatively, an intruder symbolizes self-indulgent behavior or unwanted sexual attention.

    Invisible - Are those things that you are not aware of in your life, possibly unconscious aspects of the psyche. An invisible man or woman would indicate that those aspects {masculine or feminine} are not being utilized in a proper way in your life.

    From HyperDictionary.com
    Dreaming that you are invisible means feelings of not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. Alternatively, you may be trying to withdraw from the realities of life.
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