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Jade - In Chinese tradition, jade contains the mysterious cosmic energy in concentrated form. It therefore symbolizes power, life, fecundity, immortality.

Jesus - Spiritual aspect of the self. Perfection. Are you asking too much of yourself? A healing part of your human psyche. The higher self - creative, positive. Also see Jesus in Dream Motifs. See The Lost Teachings of Jesus

- A symbol for your true self. If the jewel is in a casket (the unconscious), this means your real self is still is being hidden and there is something to be discovered and assimilated into your consciousness.

Joke - A joke told in a dream may be the unconscious trying to get your attention. Concentarte on the symbolism even of minor items in the dream, since they may bear an emotionally weighty message.

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Dreaming that you are in the jaws of an animal means misunderstandings and hasty judgments, which may threaten your happiness. Seeing your own jaw in your dream, represents your stubbornness, determination and forcefulness. You may need to have more willpower and fortitude in some situation. Dreaming that your jaws are tight indicates unexpressed angers and other powerful feelings which you are holding back. Dreaming that you break or dislocated your jaw, suggests that you are compromising your own beliefs and principles.


  • A desire to escape from your present situation:external constraints or conflict.
  • A journey to a sacred place may signify you are now aware of your true self, not yet achieved but an awareness in your conscious mind.
  • A destination not reached is an indication you are aware of your true self (or conditions in your life) and have not let it be a part of your life.
  • A voyage of discovery to unknown - previosuly unvisited - lands probably means your unconscious is inviting you to make its aquaintance. The sea is a common symbol of the unconscious.
  • The journey in the dream may tell you what is actually happening in your life at present, or - less often - how you ought to live.

  • Judge
  • Your super-ego (the conventional morality assimilated from parents and society), functioning as an internal sensor, prohibitor, inhibitor and standard setter (Freudian).Some of its commands/prhibitions/expectations may be irrational and arise from a childhood trauma.
  • The judge may represent a different sort of conscience, an inner guide that tells you what you should be doing to fulfill your individual 'destiny'.
  • May represent being too judgemental.

  • Judgement
  • A Last judgement sort of condemnation may be a symbolic expression of some imagined guilt.
  • It may be a wise warning from your inner centre: if you allow old habits and attitudes to continue, you will bring unhappiness and suffering on yourself (and others).

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    - May symbolize some external catastrophe that you see looming over constantly. May cause guilt complex arising from early childhood out of some imagined crime, and causing you to conjure up pictures of future punishment. May symbolize internal, unconscious forces that threaten to destroy the conscious ego - which would mean a loss of control, psychic chaos.

    Jumble - A reflection of some disorderly state of mind; conflict in your psyche.

    Jungle - a symbol of the unconscious. its wild inhabitants are probably neglected, disorderly, possibly mutinous 'animal' or instinctual drives, and repressed guilt-feelings and fears.

    Junk - Discarded rubbish symbolizes the suppressed or repressed contents of the unconscious.
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