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Labyrinth - A symbol of your unconscious. You must come to terms with the frightening aspect in your life, found at the center of the labyrinth. Liberation from your mother. A path toward self-discovery (life is a labyrinth in which you must return to your center (unconscious self) for wholeness.

Ladder - Climbing a ladder may mean 'progress'. Descending a ladder to escape a burning house may symbolize a need tp escape from your emotional self.

Lake - The unconscious. Water is a symbol of your unconscious self, that part of you that has not been fully explored.

Lamb - Innocence. A sacrifical lamb reflects a longing to be rid of guilt feelings.

Landing - May symbolize a need to ground yourself instead of fantasizing about your life. landing in a boat onto a shore may symbolize escaping a stunting mother-attachment.

Leading - If being led in a dream, who or what is leading you. Is it controlling you?

Leaches - are those things that suck the energy from our life. Are there emotions, events, certain people who are draining you of your energy?

Left - The left side of the body represents the heart, emotions, intuition. Moving right to left symbolizes moving from reason to intuition.

From HyperDictionary.com
Dreaming that you are a lesbian (but you are not in your waking life) means a union with aspects of yourself. It is symbolic of self-love, self-acceptance, and passion. You are comfortable with your sexuality and femininity. If, in your dream you abhor the notion of lesbianism, then it represents your fears and rejection of parts of your own sexuality. If you are a lesbian in your waking life, then the dream is simply a reflection of your own self.

Legs - Strong legs means confidence. Weak legs, the opposite. What principles are you standing on?

Lens - You are being asked to focus your attention on something. Pay attention!

Letters - Receiving news or imformation from other sources, perhaps from your unconscious psyche. Have you acknowledge those contents within your unconscious that may be repressed, ignored or forgotten?

Lift - May mean something is coming up from the unconscious and the need to look at them. Going up in a lift may mean attaining a more elevated or spiritual standpoint.

Light - Sunlight is a symbol of your conscious self. Moonlight is the unconscious. Light at the end of a dark tunnel symbolizes hope.

Lighthouse - A bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind. What is the dream trying to tell you?

Lightening - A sexual symbol. A flash of insight. It may symbolize punishment, as in the 'wrath of the gods'.. What is it that is threatening you?

Lily - A symbol of new life (new beginnings in your life).

Limousine - Enormous potential. Also, those parts {emotions, attitudes, aspects, etc.} that are controlled {driven} by just one aspect of your personality. Perhaps you need to use all your potential in life instead of just one narrow quality.

Lion - Lion may symbolize your animal nature or aggressive behavior. In a woman's dream it may represent her animus or masculine aspect.

Lips - A need to communicate. A sexual symbol representing the vagina.

Lizard - It may symbolize something in your unconscious that you don't wish to take notice of. AIt may represent a part of yourself that is 'cold blooded' and needs warmth.

Lock - Inaccessability. You can't get what you want. A denied part of yourself.

Locomotive - symbolizes power, energy, your instinctive drive.

Luggage - Something you carry that needs to be gotten rid of; old habits, attitudes, conditioning{may be unconscious}. It may mean a desire to - or need to - get out of some present situation; or a fear of having to do so. Unconsciously it may mean it is time to pack your bags and make a change in your life.

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