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Magic - A power stronger than your ego; an unconscious force (repressed or forgotten events in your life that is overpowering)

Magician - As the trickster it may symbolize you are fooling yourself over some aspect in your life. It could be the unconscious trying to fool {repress} the conscious mind. See Trickster

Magnet - Something that is bringing you closer to your true self.

Man - A symbol of your self; wholeness, the inner self (spiritual). It could symbolize half of the whole self, with the other half being your feminine side. In a woman's dream it may represent her animus or her father.

Mandalas - A representation of the self; that is complete, whole, balanced. a disarranged manadala may represent that the healing power of the unconscious pyche is temporily out of action. Some destructive attitude - a guilt-and-anger or inferiority complex - is blocking the flow of the natural healing powers.

Marriage - A union of opposite forces. The bringing together of the masculine and feminine sides of your personality. Resolving conflicts in your life.

Mask - Your persona, the image you see yourself as (this is not the real you, only a part of your true self). Covering up the real you; covering up your true emotions about some aspect in your life.

Meadow - Perosnal grwoth. If parched, it would mean you are being deprived of psychic nourishment

Mean/Meanness - A part of yourself that is not being allowed to adequately express itself (being mean to someone in your dream).

Melting - Repressed emotions being allowed freedom to expression. Transformation in your life.

Mermaid - In a man, an idealized image of a woman. In a woman, doubts about her feminity. For a man it may mean a fear of be drowned by his feminine side.

Message/Messenger - Something that is coming from your unconscious (repressed memories, etc).

Meteor - A meteor is a streak of light from a meteorite or meteoroide. Merteoroids are powerful unleashing of energy, perhaps in your life unconscious. The light is the streak that comes about from the unconscious dream. Orbiting in space is 'orbiting'in the unconscious, something that has yet to be acknowledged consciously.

Meteroite - May be a messenger bringing information from your inner centre. It may be offering you greater self-knowledge.

Merteoroids - Meteoroids are powerful unleashing of energy, perhaps in your unconscious life suggesting you need to acknowledeg the source of this energy.

Mice - Mice are often symbolic of little things that irritate you in life, or small fears that drain you of energy.

Milk - It may symbolize mother-love, or your nurturing (or lack of) as a child.

Mirror - Your true self (not your ego self). The way you see yourself or the way you want others to see you (see mask).

From HyperDictionary.com
Seeing your own reflection in the mirror, suggests that you are pondering thoughts about your inner self. The reflection in the mirror is how you perceive yourself or how you want others to see you. You may be contemplating on strengthening and changing aspects of your character. Dreaming that you are looking through a two-way mirror indicates that you are coming face to face with some inner or worldly issue. What you see is related to your persona and unconscious. Seeing images through the mirror may be a safe way for you to consider and/or confront material from your unconscious. Mirrors symbolize the imagination and a link between the conscious and unconscious. Dreaming that you are being watched through a two-way mirror, suggests that you feel you are being scrutinized and criticized. Alternatively, you may be blocking or unwilling to acknowledge your unconscious emotions. To break a mirror in your dream, suggests that you are breaking an old image of yourself. You may be putting an end to an old habit. Breaking a mirror is also an old symbol for seven years of bad luck. Seeing a cracked or broken mirror in your dream. represents a poor or distorted self-image. Alternatively, it suggests that you have put an end to your old habits and ways. Seeing a fogged mirror in your dream means a hazy concept of who you are and questions about your self-identity. You are confused in your goals in life an you may have a lack of clarity in a purpose.

Money - Changes in your life. Certain values in life.

Monk - Your true self; personal wholeness. Isolation: purity

Monkey - Not taking life too seriously (monkeying around). Monkeys represent mischief and may therefore symbolize unconscious forces that are "up to no good' - because you have deprived them of their proper place in your conscious life.

Monsters - Fears in your life. People, objects, your job, etc. Slaying a monster symbolizes overcoming these fears. See Monsters, Dragons, Serpents

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From MDS Dream Motifs
(1) Is the dragon guarding a treasure, or a cave which might contain treasure? If so, the cave probably represesnts your unconscious, the treasure represents yourself, the dragon that stands between you and your true self represents the fearsomeness of the unconscious for one who is still afraid of what may be lurking there.

(2) For Jung, the first stage of the individuation process is the conscious ego's heroic struggle to lift itself out of the orginal all-encompassing unconsciousness and to establish control of unconscious forces. This finds symbolic representation in the legendary drago-slayer, St George (St George = the ego; the dragon = the unconscious).

(3) The dragon may represent the devouring aspect of (your relationship with) your mother. 'Slaying the dragon' may therefore mean putting an end to whatever in your attachment to your mother is detrimental to the process of finding your own psychic individuality. Once the individual has achieved liberation from the 'dragon', the feminine side of the man's psyche and the masculine side of the woman's psyche will no longer appear in threatening form, but as an indispensable companion and guide in further stages of self-development.

(4) A dragon may represent the generative power of (Mother) Nature; the unconscious, felt as womb pregnant with new possibilities of life.

(5) A winged dragon may symbolize some kind of transcendence, some passing from 'lower' to 'higher' level of personal maturity.

(6) A dragon may be a symbol for your sexuality, particularily if it - your sexuality - frightens you. Is your fear irrationsal; or does sexuality threaten to rule your life? In either case, don't kill the 'dragon'; if necessary tame it. (In China, 'chi' is good, life-giving energy and the channels it runs along are called 'dragon-lines', which are said to follow underground water and underground magnetic fields).

Moon - Fertility, new growth. See Sun-Moon

Mortuary - Perhaps your unconscious is confronting you with the fact of mortality in order to change your perspective, or ambitions or values.

Mother - May be telling you something about your relationship with your mother. Mother may symbolize the unconscious, especially the spiritual aspect (goddess). See Father-Mother

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From MDS Dream Motifs
Basic meaning: Older, wiser, more experienced part of feminine self aspect; the unconscious; intuition; natural and instinctive life; your relationship with your mother.

(1) A dream about your mother may be telling you something about your relationship with your mother. Mother-attachment may be so strong that the development of your own individuality has been prevented. Inner independence of mother is the first great step towards realizing your true self.

(2) In a man's dream, mother may symbolize the feminine side of his psyche.

(3) Mother may symbolize the unconscious; intuitive self; natural instinctive life; the source of nourishment and growth for the psyche.

Motorcycle - Male sexuality (a Macho symbol). In a woman's dream it symbolizes her masculine side; assertiveness, ego, power to control.

Mouse - May indicate inferiority complex feelings about oneself. Also see Mice above.

Mountain - Climbing a mountain symbolizes a task you are facing. If you are at the top of a mountain it symbolizes achievement.

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From HyperDictionary.com
Seeing mountains in your dream means many major obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. If you are on top of the mountain, then it means that you have achieved and realized your goals. Alternatively, mountains indicates a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth. Dreaming that you are climbing a mountain means your determination and ambition. Dreaming that you fall off a mountain, suggests that you are in a hurry to succeed without thoroughly thinking about your path to success. It also means that you have a tendency to give up or escape from demanding situations.
Mouth - May be a sexual symbol, representing the vagina (Freud).Self-expression. Is there some part of you that has not been allowed to express itself, such as your creative self? Are you bottling up your emotions? Perhaps something is threatening to swallow you up.

Movies - Your true life on display; follow the scenes in the dream. Scenes depict current thinking, emotions, perceptions, relationships and provide insights on problems without a bias, as they really are and not always as you perceive them in your waking life. The characters in the movie often represent different aspects of yourself. You are the producer and director and have control. Change what needs to be change.

Moving - Making changes in your life {waking conscious or unconsciously wanting or needing to}.

Murder - Repressed hostility or resentment towards someone or something. If your are being murdered, it represents a repressed emotion that is threatening to mutinty if not recognized by your conscious self.

From HyperDictionary.com
Dreaming that you have committed a murder indicates that you are putting an end to an old habit and your former ways of thinking. This could also mean an end to an addiction. Alternatively, you may have some repressed aggression or rage at yourself or at others. Dreaming that you witness a murder indicates deep-seated anger towards somebody. Consider how the victim represents aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or eliminate. Dreaming that you are murdered, suggests that some important and significant relationship has been severed and you are trying to disconnect yourself from your emotions. It also represents your unused talents. Note also that dreams of murder occur frequently during periods of depression.
Museum - Your past. Your collective unconscious (that part of you that ahs access to the collective world).If so your dream is showing you something of great value.

Music - Take note of the emotional tone; sad, sweet, tragic. This is an emotion speaking to you.

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