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Names - names in a dream are a usually a desciption of your ownself, and the relationship to the name may have meaning. If in the dream the name 'Mrs. House" is seen it may be referring to a house, an actual house you lived in, and/or, the house may be a symbol for you, the dreamer. If you are given a new name in a dream it may mean that you have entered into a new phase in your life. Names of dead people may be reference to the relationship with tha person when they were living. Or it may refer to qualities about that person that influence {positive or negeative} you. Deeper, the person, being dead, may represent that aspect of influence upon you is itself dead, it is 'dead' within you.

Naval - in a woman's dream it may represent motherhood. It may also represent new birth or a new development in your life. 'Naval' may refer to the military, or to military reginmentation, prompted by some event or ocurrence in your waking life, within a few dreams prior to the dream.

Neck - Are you sticking your neck out for some reason and is this wise?

From HyperDictionary.com
Seeing your neck in your dream may mea the relationship between the mind/mental and the body/physical. It represents willpower, self-restriction and your need to control your feelings and keep them in check. Consider the familiar phrase, "don't stick your neck out" which serves as a warning against a situation. Dreaming that your neck is injured may indicate a separation between your heart and mind. Dreaming of a thick neck may mean that you are becoming very quarrelsome and quick-tempered.

Needle - May represent male sexuality. Is something needling you? Dreaming that you are threading a needle may mean that you are burdened with something. It may indicate that you need to mend some relationship or situation.

Night - a common symbol for the unconscious.

Nine - symbol for completeness and personal fullfilment. In Greek mythology nine represents the Goddess, the highest level of being. May represent personal balance or wholeness. See Numbers

Noon - intellect, rationality, masculinity.

Noose - a warning of castastrophe if you don't change your ways

North - a symbol for evil, or frigidity

Nose - being dishonest with yourself (Pinocchio). 'follow your nose' or your instinct

Nudity - the naked truth; who you really are. Showing off your nudity could be a desire for sex. It may be an expression for childhood innocence. See Nudity

From MDS Dream Motifs
(1) Nudity may express a longing (possibly unconscious) for chidhood innocence and freedom from artifical inhibitions.

(2) It may signify getting beyond outward appearances to what you really are: the 'naked truth' about yourself. It may therefore be accompanied by an anxious feeling of being exposed - that is, vulnearable.

(3) If you are ashamed or frightened of being naked, and move away so people can't see you, this may indicate either a fear of sexual relationships or fear of revealing your inner feelings.

(4) If you are showing off your nudity, this may represent either desire for sex; or a state of being at ease with yourself and not feeling a need to apologize for being the person you are; or complete honesty and openniness in your dealings with other people.
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Numbness - May mean you have some repressed emotion related to something that is too shocking for you to entertain in your conscious mind.

Nun - your true self. abstaining fro many of life's social duties and requirements. The pure feminine self.

Nut - asking you to get through to th centre of yourself

From MDS Dream Motifs
One - Unity, oneness (conscious and unconscious integrated).

Two - The number two may be a symbol for conflict: for example, between two parts of yourself (which may be represented in the dream by yourself - the dream ego - and an adversary, or by hostile brothers'sisters'twins).
(2) Two may also symbolize a union or partnership: for example, of conscious and unconscious or masculine and feminine elements in the psyche. Such union or partnership is always fruitful and creative. (In Indian philosophy one is an arid number; two - male and female - can create. A Hindu god is always represented as two-in-one, a union of male and female).

Three - The number three may symbolize completeness and fulfillment; or anything that may contribute to your personal fulfillment - for example, the resolving of conflict between two opposing psychic forces.
(2) Jung says three may signify that something is nearly but not quite complete; or that what is lacking in you can be supplied only by some part of your unconscious elf that you find too frightening to acknowledge and use (Even God, he says, is not quite complete without the Devil).

Four - Wholeness; the completely integrated human psyche.

Five - Five is a number for change (being the next number after four, five is starting over again).

Six - May be number for completeness.Six is a multiple of three (same as three). (2) May symbolize conflict.

Seven - is also a number for completeness.
(2) The number seven may also sinal time for change - as in the 'seven year itch'.
(3) Sixes and sevens, of course may symbolize conflict.

Eight - has the same significance as four, of which it is a multiple: wholeness; the completely integrated human psyche.
(2) It also symbolizes infinity or eternity; or the endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Nine - The number nine is a symbol of completeness, may represent personal fulfillment (in Greek mythology the number nine symbolizes the Goddess, the highest personal fulfillment of the feminine psyche).

Ten - one and zero; the same as one.{see 432 for more info on the number nine}

All other numbers are either a multiple of numbers all rady listed, therefore, having the same meaning, or, can be added together to get a number already listed (example, 117 = nine). Look at the personal significance of any number in a dream for its relationship.

The story of the crow determining the number of people entering and leaving a barn is a possible link to the orgin of numbers within the psyche of all of Nature's life. The crow (which the farmer wanted to get rid of and which had taken up residence in his barn) could recognize the number of people entering and leaving the barn and knew when all were gone and could re-enter the barn safely. He could do this upto the number of four people. After that, the fifth and beyond, he saw as 'many' and when five went into the barn and only four left, he could not determine beyond the number four, thus the fifth person did him in.
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