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Oasis - a reward for exploring your unconscious.

Ocean - The deepest unconscious where one finds repressed, forgotten emotions. Also is a symbol for mother, your own mother or Mother Nature. May symbolize creative potential.

Octopus - a symbol for your mother or mother-attachment

Officer/Offical - Your super-ego (your moral principle- Freud). An authortive figure. Is this aspect good or bad?

Ointment - a symbol for healing. A fly in the ointment represents something within yourself- an old habit or a negative attitude - that is interfering with the healing process.

Old - symbolizes something within the deeper, more primitive layers of the unconscious. Seek out what this might be.

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Seeing an opening in your dream means a new influence or new-found inspiration entering your life. Dreaming that you are opening something, suggests that you are unleashing your potential. It may also mean new opportunities.

Opposites - those things in life that are opposite one another. Male-female, new- old, extrovert-introvert. The goal is to incorporate both sides into your life. Look to how you see/perceive things and consider the opposite as a better way. Or perhaps the opposite of what you are doing is the not the best way.

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- Parents may appear in a dream in the guise of animals. It then would represent a love-hate feeling toward that parent. An opposum is a marsupial, an animal whose young is carried within a pouch. What si the relationship with your mother? Or, what is the relationship to your wise self {Great Mother metaphor}? Are you, or should you, provide a more cultivating atmosphere for those unconscious aspects {creativity/spirituality} within your psyche.

Orange - aggressiveness. It is the color of the sun and may represent life, or consciousness. If you are dep[ressed, it mat symbolize the dawn of a new attitude of optimism.

Orchestra - the many and various forces of the psyche with the potential for creativity.

Orgy - an exaggerated expression of ( a need for) sex. a release of energy as in breaking out of an old or negative attitude.

Ostrich - Ignoring the truth or reality. Refusing to face up to life.

Outcast - a rejected part of yourself. Repression.

Oven - may represent the womb, therefore a sign of pregnancy. The new birth could be physical or it could be psychological or spiritual.

Owl - wisdom and/or insight. May symbolize insights to the dark unconscious aspects of your personality.
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