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Pack- If carrying a pack, represents carrying a load, emotional baggage.

Package- To send a package is to give away part of yourself. to receive a package is to get in touch with some unknown part of yourself; repressed memories, etc.

Pagan- Undiscipline part of personsality. Going beyond the norm. Not fitting in

Pain- Disharmony in mental, emotional, physical or spiritual self. (Note location of pain on your body to determine problem).

Paint- Changing attitudes; cleaning up, redoing; painting a picture is a new way of creatively expressing yourself.

Pajamas- Role you play in the bedroom.

Palace- Magical kingdom within the self; spiritual self. Royal ambitions {good or bad?}

Panic- Aniexty; repressed emotions; guilt. See Panic

- Covering up your sexual feelings. The hidden source of your true energy, the thing that holds you up, gives you support

Paper- Means for self-expression. Inferior aspects of your personality {a rock would be superior}.

Parachute- Time to bail out. Taking risks, risky behaviour.

Parade- Many aspects of self; your role in life.

Paradise- A desire to achieve in the psyche the balance and wholeness that have been present latently and potentially from the beginning.

Paralyze- Temporarily unable to function well; unable to see clearly, due to some type emotional fear.

Parasite- Something or someone that eats away at you and drains energy; negative thinking.

Parents - Experienced, wise part of self; actual images of parents (may determine your relationship with parents).
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From HyperDictionary.com
Dreaming that you are in a panic indicates a lack of control and power in your life. You may be feeling helpless in some situation or unable to make a clear decision.

Park- Place of rejuvenation; time for relaxation. Awarness of your extended self. Is park well kept or overgrown, if so does this reflect your life?

Parking Lot- Stuck in your daily routine; slow down your pace, park yourself.

Parrot- Are you merely picking up other people's values uncritically, unreflectingly? Are you only the semblance of a person, a facade?

Party- Celebration; reaching a new plateau, a reason to celebrate.

Passenger- Not in control, choosing to follow others or other ways instead of your own; not taking responsibility for determining your path.

Passport- Ticket to freedom.

Pastries - Too much of a good thing. Over-indulgence.

Path- Your direction in life; are you taking a path created by someone else or taking a path never taking before, your true path?

Pattern- Restrictive belief system; ways we handle situations.

Pauper- poor in spirit or in health; denying spiritual, creative self; not seeing self worth.

- Make things smoother i life; taking time to prepare before venturing ahead.
Peacock- may symbolize male sexuality; or pride, vanity or ostentation.

Pearl- Self beauty, self illumination.

Pedestal- Seeking recognition; ego or martyr trip; putting oneself above others.

Pen- The ability to express oneself (or unability).

Pendulum- Balance your life; swinging from one extreme to another.

Penis- That which penetrates or impregnates; masculinity; feelings about sexuality.

Penthouse- Creative or spiritual part of self. Thinking mold. Higher self.

People - Different aspects of self; differenting emotions. See People

From HyperDictionary.com
Seeing people you know in your dream means qualities and feelings of those people that you desire for yourself. Seeing people you don't know in your dream indicates hidden aspects of yourself that you need to confront. Seeing people from your past in your dream, refers to your shadow and other unacknowledged aspects of yourself. It can represent a waking situation that is bringing out similar feelings as your past relationships.
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- Heated emotions.

Purfume - Indulgence. Covering up something.

Perspire - Emotional release; fear; cooling down a heated situation

Pet - Something that nurtures us; animal instincts.

Photograph - Your way of seeing things; a reflection of who you are or think you are.

Physican- Inner healing; that which can correct a wrong.

Piano- Harmony, balance in your life; creative expression.

Picnic- Expressing your emotions; spreading out your emotional ideas.

Pier- Surveying emotional waters.

Pig- Not sharing, being hoggish. Over-indulgence

Pigeon- Messenger; flight and freedom.

Pilgrim- Exploring unknown parts of self; searching for truth.

Pill- A hard situation to swallow; as a mediceine, suggests healing.

Pillar- Strength, support.

Pillow- Bridge between unconscious and conscious; a need to rest; tenderness, softness.

Pilot- Higher self; an airline pilot is in charge of your spiritual self, a sea pilot is in charge of your emotional self.

Pioneer - Exploring unknown regions; looking for new ways of thinking or expressing oneself, or the need to do so.

Pipe- Conductor of energy (emotional).

Pirate- Part of self that takes away from other aspects; being robbed of your energy

Pistol - May be symbol of the penis. The firing of a pistol would then represent the sexual act.
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From HyperDictionary.com
Dreaming that you are aiming a pistol indicates that you are trying to target a specific goal. However, if the overtones of the dream is that of fear, anger and aggression, then the pistol means power by which you need to defend yourself against the fear and anger.

Planning - Unconsciously knowing what is best but perhaps not following through consciously.

Plastic - Artifical. Are you being your true self? Do you expressive your true emotions? Also flexible, adaptable, insensitive.

Plate - Being circular a plate may symbolize wholeness or completion. Have you too much on your plate so to not be able to be whole or to complete a task in life?

Poison- Represents something bad for you. Something that is poisoning your relationships with others or yourself.

Policeman - A super-ego symbol or conscience, representing taboos stemming from childhood. Being arrested by a policeman may symbolize sexuality or emotions restrained by feelings of guilt. Someone of something that represents authority.

From HyperDictionary.com
Seeing the police in your dream indicates some failure to perform or to honor obligations and commitments. The police also symbolize structure, rules, and control. A more direct interpretation of seeing the police in your dream forewarns that you should avoid reckless behavior. Dreaming that you are arrested by the police, suggests that you feel sexually or emotionally restrained because of guilt. Dreaming that you are a police officer, represents your own sense of morality and conscience. The dream may serve to guide you down a straight path. If you have recurring dreams that you are a police officer, then it may mean that your past actions have left you feeling guilty. Consider your behavior/actions as the cop. Dreaming that you are having difficulties contacting the police, suggests that you have yet to acknowledge your own authoritativeness in a situation. You need to take control and be in command of the direction of your life. Dreaming that you are pulled over by the police, suggests that you need to slow down and take things down a notch. Seeing or dreaming that you are a police officer chasing a felon indicates that your naughty and more devious side is in conflict with your moral standards.
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Pool- A round or square pool may be a symbol of the self.

Potato - Unconscious contents that can grow to be consciously nutritious. Not very intelligent {potato head}.

Prayer - Prayer is a communion with your higher self. Sometimes we may need to pay more attention to our spiritual/creative self and less time to social duty. It may also be what you are actually doing in your life, you are in fact communicating with your higher self. The dream reflects your life as it is at the time of the dream.

Priest- Your inner wisdom; or alternatively, externally imposed commands and prohibitions.

Pregnant- Often pregnancy in a dream symbolizes something new is coming into your life, and not always a new born baby. It may symbolize a new direction you are about to take, or wish to take. If you want to be physically pregnant, this may be a message of that desire you have in life.

Prince/Princess - Are anima/animus figures.

- may represent behavior that is complusive, not under conscious control. If someone else is in prison, he or she represents some part of you that has been shut up in your unconscious, which needs to be set free.

Prize- Probably represents your true self or some significant personal development.

Punishment- Symbolizes guilt feelings due to conflict in your life, inner or outward. If you are punishing someone else in the dream, parent, partner or sibling, it may represent resentment toward that person; a part of yourself that has been projected onto that person. Being punished by a policeman or judge amy symbolize an over-dominant super-ego (conscience).

Purple- May represent treasure, or your true self.

Pursued - If by an animal, may mean some part of you is repressed but now is threatening to overcome you. If by a policeman, father or other figure authority figure, you may have an over-developed super-ego (conscience). May represent something which or someone who constitutes a threat in your domestic or work life.

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