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UFO's - Circular, luminous 'flying saucers' may symbolize superior intelligence or wisdom. What is 'superior' need not be outside you; it may reside in the 'depths' of yourself.

Ugly - To dream you or others are ugly means aspects of yourself that disgust and repulses you. These may be feelings you have rejected or repressed.

Ulcer - Something is eating away at you, something you can't stomach.

Umbilical cord - An inability to support oneself. A lack of individuality.

Umbrella - Quite possibly a symbol of protection. A shield against expressing your true emotions.

Uncle - Masculine part of the psyche; qualities or characteristics you identify with particular individual which are projected aspects of yourself. {See anima/animus}

- Could relate to feelings of not wanting to be seen or lying low. It could also be a warning against behaving deceitfully. Also, it may be showing you that you have to dig deep or search hard to find something you are looking for.

Underwater - Deep emotional feelings that lead to a better understanding of oneself. Being underswater may induicate unconscious control of your life or parts of your life.

Underwear - Those things about yourself you consider private. Protecting or covering up your sexual feelings. A need to express or reveal your feelings/emotions.

Undress - Exposing what is underneath the ego-self; exposing the true self, or emotions.

Unemployed - Represents your lack of self worth or lack of inspiration.

Unicorn - The mystical power of the psyche. The metaphysical aspect of the human animal.

Unicycle - Going it alone. Taking control and exercising authority.

Uniform - This could be hinting at something in your life which you feel you have some sort of duty or obligation to. It could be a symbol of conformity or thoughts shared by others as well.

University - A higher understanding of things in your life. A need to educate yourself to the real you.

Up - Emerging from a negative situation to a positive one. An inflated ego.

Upside Down - Suggests that there is some situation or problem in your waking life that you need to straighten out. Something in your life is turned upside down.

Uranus -Acting like an asshole.

Urinal -A need to unleash or eliminate store up emotions.

Urn - Being a base with a pedistal may symbolize yourself. Has your life turned to ashes?

Utensils - Those tools or characteristics you possess that help you think and act in a practical manner, as opposed to an emotional one.

U-Turn - A need to refocus or perhaps change your mode of thinking or doing things. Altering the course you have chosen.
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