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Jean Benedict Raffa

Wagon - Carrying a load; no power source; you need play to obtain balance in your life.

Waiter/Waitress - Part of self that nutures; slow service indicates not enough attention to part of self.

Walk - Proceeding along your path; exercise needed.

Wall - A barrier: secluding oneself.

Wall Paper - The ego self (your outer personality); covering up something; hidding inner feelings.

Walrus - Awkward self-expressions, feelings, and emotions.

Wand - Creative power within; inner reality (spiritual).

War - Inner conflict; outer conflict; rejecting parts of self; a need for balance in your life.

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wadding ---> warehouse
warrant ---> weasel
weather ---> whipping boy

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Dreaming of a war means disorder and chaos in your personal affairs. You also be experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle. You are feeling torn between aspects of yourself. Perhaps the dream may indicate that you are being overly aggressive or you are not being assertive enough.

Warden - Discipline part of self; controlling, restrictive attitudes; loss of self esteem.

Warehouse - The unconscious; get in touch with inner feelings.

Warm - Affection; balance of emotional temperature.

Warn - Be cautious in your endeavors; be aware of soemthing within the dream.

Wart - Something no longer needed; hard, callused attitude.

Wash - Cleansing one's emotions; clean up your act.

Water - Your unconscious (emotions, attitudes that are hidden that want to be made conscious); emotional energy. Water is a common symbol for fertility , growth, creative potential. Also a symbol for psychic energy {is the water free flowing or stagnant?}

Waterfall - Healing energies within; releasing and expression of emotions.

Wave - Power feelings or emotions; drawing energy in; changes.

Wax - Easily molded; creating a new surface (identity).

Weak - Giving too much of oneslef; refusal to recognize one's self worth.

Wealth - Knolwedge, wisdom; creative powers; abitity to achieve goals.

Weapon - Misuse of energies; defensive attitudes; controlling, manipulating.

From HyperDictionary.com
whirlpool ---> witchcraft
wizard ---> writing

From HyperDictionary.com
Witchcraft Dreaming about witchcraft, suggests that something or someone is manipulating you and your surroundings.

Wedding - A wedding may symbolize the union of opposites forces in your psyche, and the consequent achievement of wholeness {see 'Individuation Process'} . An example is the bringing together of the masculine and feminine sides of the psyche {anima/animus}.

Whale - A whale may symbolize your mother, or feminity in general. The mother metaphor would indicate a dominant mother or a mother attachment. Being swallowed by a whale would symbolize a descent into the unconscious, where you may find repressed emotions from previous experiences in life. But it is also where you will find your true self (not dominanted by the egocentric self), which may include the creative and/or spiritual. As a feminine aspect it may be addressing yout intuitice self, or perceptions in general. Do you usually trust your self, or do you give way to outside influences that ultmately bring about crisis in your life.

Whirlwind - A dream containing a whirlwind would normally be a nightmare. Have you been feeling some powerful prompting lately? Are You afraid of it? Why? Perhaps it wants to lift you out of your accustomed mode of life to a 'higher' level of existence. Determine to stay with the nightmarish image the next time it appears in a dream, to take a closer look at the psychic force it symbolizes.

White - White may symbolize purity and innocence, peace, happiness, joy; in the East it is associated with death and mourning.

  • The wife in a man's dream may be his own wife, with no symbolism at all.
  • Even so, bear in mind that the way you relate to your wife {in the dream or in reality} may contain elements of your relation with your mother or your anima.
  • Seeing a deceased wife is common. Try to feel her - and your love for her - within yourself, rather than as an external experience.

  • Wild
  • Anything wild may symbolize uncontroled and therefore potential threatening emotions. These may be in your unconscious and therefore unknown to you. Get to know them and accommodate them.

    Wind - Wind may symbolize turbulent emotions, conscious or unconscious.
  • If the wind is moving dust or debris it may symbolize a possibility of, or a need for change in your lifestyle or self-image.
  • In religious symbolism wind represents {Holy} Spirit, which in psychological terms may be understood as an energy that can lift you from depression to joy or from mundan and material interests to a 'higher' {or 'deeper'!}level of consciousness.

  • Wine - Red wine often symbolizes the blood of your spiritual life. Red wine may symbolize either passion or {a more satisfying} life.

    Wings - Wings are a symbol of transcendence. A winged creature or person may represent a part of your psyche beckoning you to a 'higher' - more spiritual, or more detached - perspective, a 'higher' level of consciousness; or liberation from an oppressive situation.

    Wise Old Man/Woman
  • A Wise Old Man figure may appear in a man's dream, a Wise Old Woman in a woman's dream. The Wise Old Man may take various forms; for example, old bearded man, guru, priest or prophet, king, magician, teacher, The Wise Old Woman may appear as Earth Mother, Great Goddess, Mother Church, priestess or prophetess, teacher. Attend to whatever this figure tells you in dreams: the result could be a transformation of your personality and your life, in tune with your true self.
  • Such figures Jung called 'mana' personalities. Mana denotes awesome, mysterious power associated with gods but also with natrural phenomena and extraordinary human skills, genuis, holines, psychic powers and supranormal knowledge. These figures may therefore be frightening. If you find them too frightening, consult a {Jungian} therapist. People may let themselves be 'possessed' - taken over - by the Wise Old Man/Woman and become insufferably domineering, self-important, opinionated. Alternately, failure to acknowledge the 'divine' wisdom and power within yourself may lead you to project it on to some authoritarian - but not necessarily authorittative - public figure, or guru, or personal aquaintance. Whatever such a ' mana figure says to you in a dream will be extremely important and will almost certainly open up a new dimension of life for you.
  • Should the Wise Old Woman appear in a man's dream or the Wise Old Man in a woman's dream, it may be the anima/animus that is being represented.

  • Witch - Witches are priestesses of Earth Mother and they are poularly seen as malevolent {wishing evil or harm to others}.This popular view, prepetuated by those children writers and teachers who know nothing of the history of witches, derives from the Christian persecution of witches as devil-worshipers, which in turn derived from Christian tendency to separate God from nature and to worship a transcendent {sky-} god rather than an indwelling {earth-}goddess. A witch in dreams may therefore repesent either the possibilities below.
  • An internal source of wisdom, healing and growth.
  • Alternatively, a witch may be a destructive unconscious force: for example, a repressed part of yourself. In a man's dream a witch may symbolize the negative aspect of the anima. Do you suffer from moodiness and a conviction that nothing can ever come right for you? This may be because you feel in some way let down by your mother. 'The character pf a man's anima is as a rule shaped by his mother'.

  • Wolf
  • A wolf may symbolize all that you are afraid of in yourself, particuarily what you see as 'animal', aggressive and destructive. Probably your fear is irrational and stems from a traumatic childhood experience. This 'werewolf' anxiety is a fairly common ingredient in literature. It is nearly always a consequence of repressed instinct, usually sexual.
  • In a woman's dream it may symbolize male sexuality seen as threatening. Perhaps the dreamer needs to come to terms with her own sexuality.
  • It may symbolize your unconscious, seen as something frightening.

  • Wood - Flexible, yet durable aspect of self; nurturing and growth. When part of a tree. represents aliveness that can be molded or shaped into a new form.

    Woods - {same as forest}the unconscious; growth, strength; animals in the forest represent repressed contents of the unconscious.

    Wooden - Lacking flexibility.

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