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Dream Dictionary:
This First Dictionary Is From the Power of Dreams, Sister Site to Myths-Dreams-Symbols
It Is More Comprehensive and Contains Many More Listings Than The MDS Dictionary

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This dream dictionary will help in translating the dream language. It is 'Jungian' based and focuses on the best possible applications of the dream images and actions in relationship to the emotional energies found in dreams. It references the best possible symbolic and metaphorical value of the images/actions, as well as the universal, emotional patterns that make up our dreams. Dreams are about our emotions and the psychological patterns that govern them.

Individual Symbols & Motifs

Alphabet | Animals | Birds | Body Parts | Bugs & Insects | Car | Characters | Chase Dreams | Cheating Dreams | Clothing
Colors | Common Symbols | Death | Death Dreams | Disasters | Falling | Feelings | Flying | Food | House | Naked/Nude
Places| Pregnancy | Relationships | School | Sex | Snake | Teeth | Tests | Tools | Travel | Vanity | Wedding

Some of the Above Pages Contain Links to Dream

MDS Dream Dictionary

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