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i can competently interpret any dream
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its not supernatural, clairvoyance, occult or psychic....its science....the psychology of dreams
i can competently interpret any dream using the science/psychology of Carl Jung

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Workshops Schedule: Sept. 19/20, Friday/Saturday 12 Noon & 2 PM

The Power of Dreams workshop will focus on the art and science, concepts and theories of Jungian dream analysis {Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist/psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology}. Topics will include an examination of the practice and principles of Jung's theories of the collective unconscious, archetypes, mythological associations and other dimensions of the psyche, including the metaphysical/spiritual aspects. We will look at the relationship of dream and myth, their shared archetypal images and motifs that depict individual as well as collective modes of emotional behavior. We will explore Jung's psychological types and his concepts of the extroverted, introverted personalities and other personality typyology {Myers Briggs personality types theory are based on Jung's 'Psychological Types'}. The workshop group will take a short dream and break it down by symbols, applying Jungian concepts to derive their metaphors and meaning to ascertain a proper interpretation. We will also investigate dreams as a tool for personal and spiritual growth and as well as their therapeutic value. The workshop will close with a question and answer session.
Note: I am not a psychologist or do I offer any psychological services. My services are from practical experience in dreams & their interpretations, intuitive insights and in life experiences

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