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Interpreted Dreams By Jerry Gifford From the Myths-Dreams-Symbols Dream Forum

Childhood Pet

I was with my dog from childhood. I was so happy to be reunited. It was a feeling of such joy, and I kept thinking that this time I would do better by him, as though I had neglected him in the past. And I would think this each time that I saw his back legs. They were cut off, or rotted off. They were stumps, and it was somehow my fault, my neglect, that they had become like that. His fur was much lighter then it had actually been, almost like this time, I was really seeing him. We were both very excited to see each other in this dream. The overall feeling was a stab of pain and regret about the past, and joy that I was getting another chance.

Age & Location {Required}: 27, Toronto

Male or Female {Required}: Female

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Vice Presidents

Hi Jerry,

I hope you are well. :o) I would love your insight on a dream I had last night. I will begin with a preface:

Before sleep last night I felt very sad for all these cancer victims I know and love. This turned to fear of my death and my husbands. We are still in good health, but the feeling was strong enough to make me cry. I prayed to the God of my understanding and asked to be shown in a dream some clarity.

My 1st dream was of my having heart surgery. Pretty much that was it. There is nothing wrong with my physical heart, btw, I feel some healing needed in my heart, heart, perhaps. The last dream I remember upon waking was of George W. Bush coming to my home. I was with a young woman. When he arrived, I offered a hug. This is done in NA and Unity. I feel it's important as it brings us to our bodies in a loving way. Along the lines of Marion Woodman's bodywork.

Back to the dream. George was wearing a white woven shirt, was kind,and accepted the hug. I then introduced him to the young woman and I could only remember her 1st name, Peggy. She added Mondale as her last name. They spoke of some $ she had spent and he needed to know about. He was going out of office the next day or soon. After their exchange I thought, I bet he goes through that kind of thing a lot.

In terms of time- Mondale was Jimmy Carter's VP and George W. was Reagan's. The latter '70's early '80's. Also Mondale is from Minnesota where I moved to in 1988 after his term as vp.

Looking forward to your response. Such a different set of characters for my dreams. I was married and living a crazy life in San Francisco during Carter/Reagan years. I'm just writing anything I can add to round this out.

I am feeling better this morning as I got in touch with how limited I was thinking about mySelf, my Higher Power...

Thanking you in advance!


Age & Location {Required}: 61 Minnesota

Male or Female {Required}: female

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Dark Night Dream

In this dream I was speaking with two friends. We were all US military wives, but the other two women were from Korea. We were bored, and decided we would try to sneak around the military base where we all lived. It was a dark, dark night. No stars were out, and neither was the moon. It was completely dark. Usually it is no trouble to walk around the base at night, but this night, the military was transporting some kind of secret things in trucks. Everyone on base knew that no one was supposed to be out that night, but we went out anyway. We went our separate ways to sneak around the base just for the thrill of it. I was sneaking through housing, following a sidewalk between houses. All of the houses were completely dark, and all of the streetlights were out as well. At the end of the block I saw several trucks parked. The trucks were lit by dim yellow lighting from above and guarded by military police, but all I could see were round blue helmets on their heads. The uniforms were also blue. I could not distinguish any facial features on the police. I was terrified they would find me. They saw me moving at my end of the block, and some of them fanned out to try to find me. I hunkered down and was keeping as low as I could as I crouched and walked between two of the houses, trying desperately not to be seen. The police were getting closer, but I awoke with a start before they found me.

Age & Location {Required}: 45, Southern NM

Male or Female {Required}: Female

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Dragon Dream

Dear all,
I have just discovered your forum and what an inspiration it is. It has answered a lot of personal questions I've had spinning in the crevices of my mind. I have felt that I am embarking on a spiritual journey and that I must let it take its course, no holding back now. It is meant to be. I have never asked for a dream interpretation before. I just clock the dream and move on. In order for you to interpret my dream, I will provide some background context. I have recently (past year) been communicating with angels and would like to develop this further. I have fears around this but know that it is a good thing and that I would like to help others using this gift if I can develop it. It has been a rough old journey, and like Gerard, I have to work to slay that dragon and wish I could spend more time channelling my energies into my creative Self. Where have I been all these years? Too busy on the treadmill of life ignoring what was going on inside me until my teenage son's problems awoke me.

Anyway, the dream went like this. I saw an animal carcass lying on the floor, some entrails and some flesh hanging off. Could not identify it but it looked like a chicken. I peeled back the skin and saw an insect type scuttle across the entrails very quickly, rather like a small beetle. On closer inspection, I saw that the insect was in fact a miniature dragon in perfect form. The dragon was green and friendly looking. I called it 'croc' as in the dream I didn't know what it was. It grew a bit larger in size but was still small enough to fit in my hand and hopped off around the room in an upright position. It really was a cute and perfectly formed creature. I wanted to hold it and keep it. It kept 'hopping' and exploring the room going on its way. Then it was fired at by a gun held by someone unknown. Another blast followed and the dragon was hit just as it became a red fox. My dream stopped here. Would love to hear back from you.

Take care.


Age & Location {Required}: 42 London

Male or Female {Required}: Female

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