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Marion Woodman
In Her Own Words
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Dancing in the Flames
'Two Marions'
Many of us feel we have 'two sides' to ourselves. Here, renowned Jungian analyst, Marion Woodman describes the 'split' she has felt since childhood; a dance between two opposites that created the foundation of her life's work

The Addicted World
Renowned Jungian Analyst and author, Marion Woodman and celebrated mystic Andrew Harvey, discuss how our addiction to 'stuff' is killing us. Please visit www.dancingintheflames.com for more information about the film!

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Marion Woodman
Jungian Analyist-Mythopoetic Author
Writer-International Teacher

Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman is a writer, international teacher and workshop leader, and Jungian analyst. With over a half-million books in print, she is one of the most widely read authors on analytical and feminine psychology of our times. Marion Woodman is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. Her bestselling book Addiction to Perfection is considered to be a landmark study on the spiritual and psychological roots of addiction in women. Some of her other books include The Ravaged Bridegroom; Leaving My Father's House; The Maiden King; and The Pregnant Virgin.

Dreams: Language of the Soul

Dreams: Language of the Soul is a highly informative interview session with one of the world's leading Jungian analysts.

Marion Woodman turns her attention to the world of dreams, their collective patterns and interpretation. Acclaimed for her work as an author and Jungian analyst specializing in feminine psychology, Woodman describes how the very destiny of the soul is directed through dreams. In rich detail, she helps us explore the images, myths, and metaphors that express our collective concerns, and grasp how dreams allow us to navigate and fathom the future.

In a noteworthy sequence, Woodman points to a collective dream pattern she has detected: the roaring to life of a vast feminine force. This “Black Madonna” archetype symbolizes the matriarchal soul, and it is related to the fate of the earth itself. Listening to Woodman is like listening to a poet: we are able to feel the meaning of her words, both emotionally and intellectually....View at Amazon.com

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Addiction to Perfection
Through case studies, dreams, and myths, a Jungian analyst explores the hidden causes of compulsion in the lives of men and women. At the root of eating disorders, substance abuse, and other addictive and compulsive behaviors, Woodman sees a hunger for spiritual fulfillment. The need to experience a sacred connection to an energy greater than their own drives people to search for an illusory ideal of perfection. Through discussions of parenthood, creativity, and body image, this presentation shows that freedom from addiction can be found by discovering the wisdom and power of the feminine principle.
The Owl Was A Baker's Daughter
A psychological study of eating disorders. Obesity, Anorexia Nervosa, and the Repressed Feminine. Woodman's personal insights through her own eating disorder and those of ther clients offer a deep look into these disorders. You do you will find this book well worth the price.
The Ravaged Bridegroom
Addresses the cycle of addictive, self-destructive in a clear and positive way. Continues the author's long-standing concern with the feminine, focusing on the ways in which a woman may be undermined by a crippling relationship with her inner man. Powerful images from poetry, myth, dreams, analysis and personal experience.