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Midlife Crisis, Stress And Depression

'Midlife Crisis' is something that happens to many of us at some point during our lives usually at about the age of 40, give or take 10 years. Midlife Crisis is a natural process (first identified by the psychologist Carl Jung) and it is a normal part of 'maturing'. However, Midlife Crisis can sometimes feel very uncomfortable, and cause people to seek psychotherapy or counselling, or to make radical lifestyle changes that can be very damaging and are regretted later.
Dreams & Mid-life
At mid life we begin to confront aspects of ourselves that have been hidden away from our conscious attention and we begin to look at the inevitable process of aging and of death. Natural changes in our mode of thinking begin to occur that not only reflect our conscious environment but also the unconscious baggage we have stored through the years of life experiences. But we tend ignore these signs of change dismissing them as illusionary processes of the mind, or ignoring or repressing the emotions that at times overwhelm us, not knowing why we feel or act as we do, often that is in a manner that are not of our normal selves. We have no idea what makes us do these things, we feel empty even though we may be surrounded by family and friends. We become possessed by forces that are unexplainable and yet have a control that is beyond explanation . We just don't know what those forces are. But our dreams do.

Dreams can play an important role in discovering aspects that have unconsciously ruled our lives. At midlife these unconscious aspects begin to show themselves, a natural process that has be misunderstood. The individual goes through life trying to fill the void they begin to feel at this transformational stage. Often the void is filled with food, drugs, sex, or other attachements that are injureous to the psyche and body. It is disruptive to the harmonious life we wish for. For many a search is begun but all too often the focus is still outwards, the thought that material worth is what will fill the void. To achieve real balance one must turn search must be inward, a search of at one's psychology. This is where dreams can be most helpful. Read more....The Mid-Life Crisis & Dreams

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