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The Unconscious World of Dream


Basic Meaning: A car may symbolize yourself and, in particular, your effectiveness in controlling your life.

(1) A car in a dream usually represents yourself, the direction you are going in life, and your effectiveness in controlling your life, attaining your goals, etc. If you are driving the car, this may symbolize taking charge of your own life. (Remember that a dream may be either dipicting patterns of behaviour that already exist or recommending to you a new pattern). If some else is driving, the dream may be expressing your over dependence on others.

(2) A car may be a sexual symbol, representing the penis (rare) - especially if forceful motion is emphasized in the dream, or if the car is traveling through a tunnel.

(3) A car that crashes in a dream may symbolize a state of anxiety over some unertaking or situation. If you are driving, the crash may symbolize an unconscious desire to punish yourself. What guilt-feelings are you harbouring? Guilt and sado-masochism often go hand in hand. Dissolve the guilt feelings (which are almost certainly irrational and which, anyway, can contribute nothing of value to life - your own or anyone else's), and the violence will dissolve, too.

The crash may express a (hidden) fear of mental breakdown, in which case you ought to seek help.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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