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The Unconscious World of Dream


If, in a dream, you or someone or something else is in chains or is in some way tied up or restrained, the meaning is almost certainly that some part of you needs to be liberated, given (more) freedom of action in your life.

(1) If you are chained, the 'you' of the dream is likely to be your conscious ego. Therefore, the restraints represented by the chains should be looked for in the external circumstances of your domestic, social or work life.

(2) If what is chained is some sort of animal, the likelihood is that it represents your animal nature or some aspect of it - your sexuality, for instance. Perhaps you are living in too rarefied an atmosphere and need to get your feet firmly on the ground or to put your consciousness - your awareness - not only in your barin but also in your body.

(3) If some other person is chained, that person probably represents something in your unconscious. Perhaps it is a desire that has been repressed because of guilt-feelings attached to it. If so, take a fresh - and this time an objective - look at it. See it for what it is: a power that may be used by you to enrich your life, but not one that you have to employ. You don't owe any of your emotions a living. But don't neglect them. Don't shut them away in your unconscious, where they can fester. Either use them or dissolve them.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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