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The Unconscious World of Dream


To be at the edge of a cliff is to be where earth meets both sea nad sky. Sky is a symbol of consciousness/masculinity; sea is the unconscious/femininity.

(1) What is symbolized may be a critical point in your life, a time for decision.

(2) The decision may be one concerning the polarity of male and female, the masculine and feminine components of your psyche. If you are a woman, it may be that a decision has to be made concerning the conflicting worlds of career and domesticity. (Sky would then symbolize masculine assertiveness and active participation in the world; sea, feminine attributes such as motherhood and nurturing.)

(3) The cliif edge may be the 'end of the road', signifying that you have come as far as you can in a particular endeavor of lifestyle, and that something radically new is called for. Perhaps this new approach to living means entering into a close relationship with Nature (represented by the sea or sky) or bringing together the conscious and unconscious parts of your psyche.

It may be a question of whether you can find within yourself enough strength and faith to step out into the unknown future; or throw yourself off the cliff - that is, withdraw from life's challenge.

(4) The horizon may be the significant thing in the dream. This may mean you are being challenged to take a bigger view of things, to see life and/or yourself on a grander scale, in order to find a new and more satisfying motivation for your life.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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