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The Unconscious World of Dream


Basic meaning - Your persona, the way you see yourself, the way you wish others to see you; your attitudes.

(1) The feelings associated in the dream with the clothes you are wearing may indicate what your feelings are toward yourself, especially in relation to the image you present to the world. For example, if in your dream you are inadequately clothed, this may mean you feel vulnerable or inadequate, or ashamed (perhaps in certain kinds of situation, which may be shown in the dream).
(2) If you are wearing old and worn-out clothes, this may indicate either anxiety about your attractiveness or feelings of inferiority, or that you need to discard some habitual way of meeting life, some set of (negative) attitudes or beliefs.
(3) If old and tattered clothes are worn by someone else in the dream, thsi probably means there is some part of you - some capacity or aspect of your potential self - that you are neglecting or keeping locked away in the cellars of your psyche. If the person is wearing tattered clothes is of the opposite sex, your anima or animus (see Glossary of Jungian Termn. on main page) may be in need of attention.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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