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The Unconscious World of Dream

Conflict - Fighting

(1) A fight may represent conflict in a real-life domestic or work situation.

(2) The conflict may be within you, between opposing forces in the psyche. An obvious candidate is a clash between what you want to do and what you feel you ought to do. In this case, bear in mind that conscience is usually socially constructed and consists of the prohibitions and ideals that were imprinted in your psyche during your early years.

(3) The conflict may be between what we are in fact and what we are potentially. Jung sees conscience as the voice of inner wisdom that will lead us to our true selfhood.

(4) If the conflict is between conscious ego and unconscious, the aggressor in the dream fight will probably represent the part of you that is demanding release from the dungeons of the unconscious. It will not hurt you unless you deny it expression. Identify it, and then welcome it as a talent or energy that can contribute to your well being. Change the conflict into a dialogue, a respectful exchange between your conscious and unconscious. (Is this not the way to handle such situations in our waking lives, instead of aggression?).
Where there is unresolved inner conflict, there is a tendency to project the unconscious protagonist to other people, often with dire consequences in personal relationships.

(5) More specific inner conflicts are those between opposite psychic qualities or forces, such as masculinity and femininity, thinking and feeling.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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