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The Unconscious World of Dream


(1) The eagle may an animus figure (see Glossary of Jungian Termnology) Here

(2) eagles live in high palces and have been associated in primitive societies with the Sun God. An eagle may therefore appear in a dream as a messenger from a helpful source in your unconscious. Does it 'say' anything to you? If so, take it seriously and act accordingly. (Sun mat symbolize your true self.)

(3) An eagle has strong wings and may, therefore, symbolize something within you that can lift you - perhaps out of depression, towards the 'light'.

(4) The sun may be a symbol of consciousness, and so the eagle may signify a need to extend your conscious awareness. Perhaps you need to get better acquainted with the contents of your unconscious and integrate them into your conscious active life.

(5) Eagles have sometimes been associated with fertility. Psychologically speaking, fertility means bringing to life latent (hidden - undeveloped) powers in the psyche.

(6) Is the eagle paired in some way with a snake - holding a snake in its talons, for example? In mythology, eagle and snake represent the conflict of opposites. In psychological terms the opposities may be the conscious/unconscious; thought/instinct; spiritual/animal; masculine/feminine. The dream may be pointing out an area of inner conflict that needs your conscious intention. If so, bear in mind that a lasting resolution of conflict is never achieved by denying the right of one of the conflicting parties. Some balance of forces in the psyche is called for, so that every psychic component gets its proper share of attention and expression without threatening the rights of other components.
eagle and lion (or some other animal) may have the same symbolism.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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