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Private Dream Analysis/Interpretation

Dream analysis is a service I provide for personal fulfillment and not as a livelihood.
Two aspects to my dream analysis. One is for those who merely wish to better understand their dreams and/or have a dream they wish to interpret. Thanks to Carl Jung, those who have followed in his footsteps and the new discoveries in the various related sciences, dreams are no longer the great mystery they once were. Most dreams are anxiety related. Others have deep routed foundations. With my many years of 'Jungian education' and having worked with dreams in depth at my Dream Forum I have been able to gain great experience in dream analyzation and interpretation. To better understand my abilities I direct you to my page.

The second aspect to my services is for those who are on a personal or/and spiritual search. Dream analysis is a valuable component of a larger framework I encourage to those involved in their search for personal and spiritual growth. This framework is called the Individuation Process where the individual undertakes a process of self discovery to find wholeness and harmony in life. Private dream analysis allows me to reach deep down into the dreamer's unconscious psyche to help the dreamer discover the true person within. Dreams can reveal the unconscious motivations for various emotional conflicts and through dream analysis, especially an analysis of a series of dreams, I can help the dreamer understand these controlling energies. Only by unlocking the unconcsious motivating forces can a process of healing begin and wholeness take place. My 20 plus years of expertise in interpreting dreams will help guide the dreamer in resolution of any deep grounded emotional issues. It is never an easy journey but with a process of self discovery these issues can be resolved.

Single Dream Analsis     My services are based on an ability-to-pay process and location and type service desired {person to person or/and e-mail}.

Series of Dreams Examination    Negotiable
This Involves An In-Depth Analysis of a Series of Dreams
This is a more involved process where I work with the dreamer to discover and help resolve emotional conflicts that are responsible for conscious behavior that prevents the person from living a healthy, harmonious and happy life. This service will be explained in detail by contacting me and requesting a FREE consultation.

I give Dream Interpretations at the Dream Forum
on-line since 2005....a top ranked forum World Wide {Google/Bing/Yahoo}
For dreams and their interpretations see my page Dreams I have Interpreted
Note: I am not a psychologist or do I offer any psychological services. My services are from practical experience in dreams & their interpretations, intuitive insights and in life experiences

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