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A Simple Guide to Dreams
About Jerry Gifford
Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
Carl Jung
Arch Plot-Classic Plot of the Hero Journey
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Dream Dictionary & Motifs
Dream Forum
Dreams: Language of the Soul
Dream Submission Form
Dreams {What Are Dreams?}
Dreams As Therapy
EarthDance Celebration
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How To Interpret Dreams
How To Interpret Dreams-Pg 2
How To Interpret Dreams Q & A
Importance of Dreams
Interpreted Dreams
Individuation Process
Individuation-Union of Opposites
Intuitive Psyche {What Is An Intuitive Psyche?}
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell's Monomyth
Jungian Dream Terminology
Jung's Model of the Psyche
Language of Dreams
Lucid Dreaming
Main Page
Marion Woodman-Dreams: Language of the Soul
Masculine/Feminine Aspects
Mid-Life: A Crisis of Transition
Mid-Life & Dreams
Mid-Life Crisis & Dreams
Professional Services
Science, Language and the Dreaming Brain
Services Offered
Shadow in Jungian Psychology
Simple Guide to Dreams
Sleep & Disorders
Spiritual Growth & Creativity
Spirituality: From Jesus to Christ
Symbol & Metaphor
Structure of Dreams-4 Stages
Understanding Dreams
Video Library
What Are Dreams

Dream Dictionaries

HyperDictionary Dream Dictionary

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Dream Dictionary A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Colors Numbers
Myths-Dreams-Symbols is the sister site to The Power of Dreams

Note: Use all dream dictionaries as suggestions and not literal. Any dictionary that has a fixed meaning to a symbol should be ignored. The HyperDictionary is more extensive and a reliable resource with good applications and the Myths-Dreams-Symbols dictionary is Jungian based and an excellent source to dream symbols.

Dream Dictionary
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Video Library
Library includes videos on
  • George Lucas & Star Wars {the relationship of dreams & myth}
  • 10 Strange Facts About Dreams
  • Why Do We Dreams?
  • Jungian Psyche & Psychology
  • The Feminine Psyche with Marion Woodman
  • Understanding the Mid-Life Crisis

Video Library

The Hero's Journey in Film
The Official Video of The Power of Dreams

The Hero's Journey in Film from EduNut on Vimeo.

a film by Ciaran Vejby |

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