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The Unconscious World of Dream

Jesus - Buddha

Religious symbols may appear in your dreams even though you may not consider yourself as being religious. There are two reasons for this: first, even non-religious people have usually had some exposure to religious teaching, and secondly, religion would seem to have an instinctive basis, orginating in what we now have to call (because we have lost touch with it) the unconscious part of the psyche.


Jesus often represents what in you is really your true self, as opposed to the ego self that you perceive yourself as being.

If the Jesus in your dream is the crucified Christ, it may be a symbol of martydom. If you identify with this figure, so that you are the wronged sufferer, ask yourself what purpose is being served by adopting this role> Does it make you happy? Well, pain may give you pleasure if it helps us to feel 'different' and superior. (And that is often the other side of a martydom complex: an inflated view of self - inflated by fantasy.) But to get haapiness by making yourself unhappy is self-contradictory.
Your dream is probably telling you to look at yourself objectively, to get rid of the fantasy that has taken possession of you.

If the Jesus is healing someone - the figures in a dream represent you - the figure probably represents Nature's power of healing that lies within yourself.. The fact that the healing Christ has appeared in your dream is a very good sign. It means that your unconscius is offering you its healing power. Don't refuse it.

If the Jesus figure is pronouncing forgiveness it may mean either you have been suffering from guilt-feelings and you have identified these as symptoms of an inner conflict and are now ready to let go of the guilt and the tensions; or that your unconscious is now offering you the means by which tose guilt-feelings and the associated paralysing anxiety can be laid to rest once and for all.

If the Jesus (Christ) figure is suggesting submission and self-surrender it may be showing you a pattern in your life that you need to change - a negative pattern of submitting to 'fate' or 'circumstances outside your control'.

If the 'risen' - resurrected - Jesus appears in your dream it may be taken as an auspicious sign of potential self-renewal: the possibility of rising to a new and fuller selfhood, leaving behind all deep internal conflict, anxiety and discontent.


The Buddha figure symbolizes much the same as does the figure of Jesus. Historically, their lives parallel each other.. Therefore, the symbol of Jesus in a dream often has the same meaning as that of the Buddha.

A Buddha figure will probably signify either your true self or the wisdom that lies in the unconscious and beyond reach until you resolve to get better acquainted with your psyche, or the healing required for your conflict ridden psyche.

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