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The Unconscious World of Dream


(1) Nudity may express a longing (possibly unconscious) for chidhood innocence and freedom from artifical inhibitions.

(2) It may signify getting beyond outward appearances to waht you really are: the 'naked truth' about yourself. It may therefore be accompanied by an anxious feeling of being exposed - that is, vulnearable.

(3) If you are ashamed or frightened of being naked, and move away so people can't see you, this may indicate either a fear of sexual relationships or fear of revealing your inner feelings.

(4) If you are showing off your nudity, this may represent either desire for sex; or a state of being at ease with yourself and not feeling a need to apologize for being the person you are; or complete honesty and openniness in your dealings with other people.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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