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The Unconscious World of Dream


(1) A room may represent the self, or some aspect of yourself.

(2) It may be a symbol of the womb. Freud tells us of a dream in which a girl (the dreamer) entered a room six or eight times and every time saw her father sitting there. Freud saw the dream as expressing the girl's fantasy of having seen her father come into her mother's womb while the girl was still a fetus,

(3) If the room is a cellar or basement, it may symbolize your unconscious. If it is a room near or at the top of a high building, it may represent consciousness (your waking life); idealism; lofty aspirations. (But of course an upstairs room may nevertheless symbolize libido, instinctive life and desires: for example, if it is a bedroom where sexual activity is taking place).

(4) A suite of rooms may express a male dreamer's polygamous sexual desires. This does not mean be polygamous in real life. On the contrary, he might well be shocked by the dream. What such a dream exemplifies is the way the unconscious compensates or balances the conscious self: a polygamous person might have monogamous dreams!

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

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