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You are not under any obligations by submitting this form. If you wish further services provide your phone number and indicate in comments section you wish me to contact you. Most services are based on voluntary contributions. Comprehensive services will be based on ability to pay. I am retired drawing my SS benefits and I perform this service because it is what I enjoy doing and wish to provide others with the knowledge I have gained from 20+ years of studying Jungian psyche and dream interpretation. Any monies from my services go to supplement my retirement income so to be able to maintain my websites and provide these services.
It is suggested you read my page
A Simple Guide to Dreams
Submission Guidelines
Post your dream just as you remember it, in the exact order it occurred {important}. Please use proper sentences and paragraphs if possible. Use the 'Comments/Associations' for info that may be important to the dream, your life or current events you think may be relevant to the dream.

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Dream: In this box write down your dream just as you remember it. If at all possible please use paragraphs to indicate changes in dream statement. It makes it easier to interpret when dream is written down in proper form.

Comments/Associations Info: In this box provide any other information you feel important or relevant to the dream. If you have had an experience that you feel has to do with the dream provide that. If you have an 'intuitive' feeling about the dream provide those also.

Why Interpret Your Dreams?
The intent is to provide an understanding of your dream{s} so you can better understand your emotional state of being. Dreams are about the emotions and a primary function of dreams is to help solve emotional conflicts. The dream zone of the brain is located in the same area as are the emotions. I study all aspects of the dream including the neurological info that may help in providing an understanding of dreams and how they function.

What Method Is Used In Interpreting Your Dream?
I use Jungian psychology when interpreting dreams. Carl Jung was a student and protege of Sigmund Freud but broke away from Freud due To Freud's insistance on the psychosexual theory {the fixation on sexual desires}. Jung developed his own theories that are now accepted as the proper approach to dream interpretation. To learn more about Carl Jung see my Myths-Dreams-Symbols pages about
Carl Jung.
Note: I am the webmaster a number of websites several of which are dedicated to Jungian psyche and dream interpretation
Personal Consultations
Further interpretations and personal consultations are priced after initial dream submission. Personal services including follow up consultations are based on ability to pay.