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Below are responses to dream intrpretations I have given at the Dream Forum since 2005. I have provided links to each response [including title of dream] so you can read the complete dream post, my interpretation, the dreamer's complete response and all comments. You can also read and review the more than 3500 interpretations I have given over the past 15+ years, and the 15,000+ responses and comments. To gain deeper insights to the Jungian concepts I use in interpreting dreams [psychology/anthropology/other related sciences], the in-depth information on his concepts and theories [on dreams as well as the deep unconscious psyche] visit my Myths-Dreams-Symbols where I have created 500+ pages of relevant content on Jungian psyche beginning in 1998.

Keep in mind with almost all of my interpretations at the Dream Forum the only information I have about the dreamer is their age and gender. With additional information, sometimes provided with the dream post or later revealed in subsequent comments, I am able to provide a more precise and in-depth interpretation. Most of my original interpretations are within the range of being correct. In analyzing the unconscious psyche via dreams to determine the overall condition of the dreamer's emotional life, one dream is only the beginning of the complete analyze of a dreamer's unconscious life that will be needed. But even with a new understanding of one dream there is often a realization of sometime important that needs further investigation. I am able to help in that investigation with the dream services I offer through private consultations.
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35 Testimonial Responses Listed {as of 5-22-13}

From Khepria....
Dream: My heart was falling out of my chest

Yes, yes, yes. You hit it perfect!!

My son has just gone into maintenance for High risk leukemia. My heart dies a little every day with what he has to go through and my worries of what may happen in the future.

My hubby not so supportive of me, well maybe not that-but he is not a very emotional man, more strong, proud and logical, me I am a person who thinks with my heart and intuition, not so much my head. We have never really sat and discussed everything that we have been going through with our son.

Thank you so much for interpreting this dream for me, if you can further dissect or give me anymore insight it would be so very appreciated.

You said that people dream every night why is it that the only ones I can remember vividly or at all is these terrible dreams aka nightmares? Can I fix it so that I remember more happy stuff too?

Thank you so much for being generous with your time!!
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From Claudia....
Dream: A very disturbing one-time dream...
Oh my goodness, thank you very much. It actually is the other symbolism, literally two days ago I was severely hurt by some words an ex said to me, and yesterday I had the dream. It felt like nails when he said the words to me, and I still haven't forgiven him, although I knew it was true in my heart, I was trying to turn a blind eye to the situation and pretend as if everything was fine.

All I can say is thank you so much for helping me put sense into this disturbing dream.
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From Justin....
Dream: making dentures
hi Jerry,, thanks for your prompt reply, which I viewed and have mulled over,

the dream is pretty clear isn't it, , , and you have hit the nail in the head too

It helps me to focus, clarify and plan towards the changes that I want = really that is the nubbin of it
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From Sally....
Dream: black cat, black dog & a strait-jacket
my mind is boggled. as i mention in my other reply, much of my childhood is missing from my memory. and a lot of what i do remember isn't great. so it is hard for me to pinpoint a situation where i saw or experienced something, told someone, and wasn't believed. it probably happened more than once. it may even be more likely that i didn't tell, but kept the secret, knowing i wouldn't be believed. i can remember that at some point in my childhood, i began to tell myself, "i have food, clothing, shelter....that's all i need." that was my way of coping when emotions were too overwhelming or situations were too difficult. geez.... i've been in therapy a few times in my life. maybe it's time to go again :-) thanks again, jerry
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From Kathy....
Dream: black and white and grey pekinese dream
looking at what you wrote, i completely agree. a part of me wants to call that arrogant or pandering, but it's true. That's how i feel, and it makes sense now that you lay it out like that. thank you for putting that into words in such an eloquently straightforward way.
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From Katarzyna....
Dream: Pentecost
You are right, that was a specific period in my life. I gave birth to my baby boy, sometimes I was tired and two times angry at him so I decided that I have to ged rid of that piece of myself which was causing such feeling. Just before leaving my job promotion was very likely to happen.I informed my manager about pregnancy at early stage cause I was afraid of the child. Now I am happy mother and take pleasure with every minut of being with him.
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From Skinny....
Dream: Black Rat chasing me turns into a Man
Hmm, I started to reply to you saying this wasn't really the case but actually something happened the night before this dream. They wanted me to go to an event and I really just didn't want to do, so I didn't!! I felt a bit guilty about it but I'm at that age now where I've stopped pleasing others and am pleasing myself :). Normally we have a great relationship though and I never argue / fall out with them. I come from a big family and we are all very close.
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From Milkweed....
Dream: Disturbing dream on birthday eve
Wow, thank you Jerry.

Much of what you wrote rings true. I will continue to digest and reflect, but just wanted to say *thank you* for such an in-depth, thoughtful, and wise analysis of this dream.

I feel less disturbed by the dream now, partly because of time passing, and also at least in part because of thinking about the symbols and aspects you drew out.

Much appreciation to you.
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From Susan....
Dream: baby birds
you are so right jerry, its a long distance thing, and we have both recently gone thru upheavals in our lives. I am very lustful, and feeling oriented woman and he fulfills that perfectly. I have been very uncertain where this is going, but the night of the dream I had a really life changing day and sent him a message which he returned later that night and he was so sweet supportive, and we had a fabulous night together. Then I had the dream. I have known him since march but rarely dream about him. This was special.

I will be cautious...
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From Kassandra....
Dream: strange dream
Hi Jerry and thank you for your most insightful response. All the things you are mentioning may well be very true. Over the past few days I was forced to think about all those things, and actually some of them were themes that appeared in my conversation with my friend as well. I generally lack the talent of adapting easily to changes (especially sudden ones) and the whole argument with him is somehow a result of this weakness of mine. Thanks very much for pointing these out. How to deal with such fundamental problems is another story altogether though... :) It is a very painful procedure for me and I suppose the pain in the dream is pointing to this.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help!
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From Jackie....
Dream: Shopping....
Good Morning Jerry! You really hit the nail on a multitude of things that are going on at the same time right now. Some things feel like they "click" but that I am not sure if even *I* fully understand them yet.

One of the things you mentioned: "The problem is these inner desires are not something you have experience with on the outside. You may vainly attempt to fit this inner role in your outside life but that has only created 'follies' of the emotional kind." fits well in a lot of ways. I am going to school to change my life path, I started taking yoga to relax myself, and outwardly, my job is the same (completely non-related to my college major), I'm wondering HOW to change that, IF I can change it, and the yoga: I really would like to find some inner peace that has been just non-existent. I am constantly experience internal conflict.

The childhood association makes a lot of sense - I had a wonderful childhood. It WAS carefree, innocent...there were always new beginnings, and yes, I do find myself wanting to be able to implement much of those same aspects in my waking life (I was actually just thinking about this yesterday). I would love to have that sense of discovery again.

With respect to my sister, we did end up talking this weekend, since we are also having some issues, and for now, things seem to be OK.

With respect to the bellman, and the masculine influence - I will say that I don't really believe that I have a positive masculine role model in my life. I have very few men in my life, and the few that surround me, be it at work or in my family, are condescending, depressed or just do not care. So it does leave me in a strange place. I do not have any male friends, either.

But again, this does get me to think about how I need to open up more - and by opening up, it will allow that chance of discovery (this was also in connection to what I was thinking about yesterday).

I am going to digest this some more. I sincerely appreciate that you took the time to read my dream.

Nothing like being an "emotional hot mess"! =D
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From Mina....
Dream: attack
Dear Jerry, Thanks for your response. you are totally right.
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From Pat....
Dream: The Crime in an Underground Tunnel
I wanted to thank you for your thoughts on this dream---I had not thought of the agreement being between the unconscious and conscious---and the phone being both something capable of exploding or shouting. Whatever I am repressing, if anything, it is still locked in the cement but I trust if I remain open to working with whatever comes up that things will become clearer. I have had several dreams about melting ice, swimming under snow, so hopefully what is frozen is melting. I have had some dreams in which I am fearful or worried about the extreme cold. Pat
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From Angie....
Dream: Difference between visions and dreams?
Thank you Jerry. I've been pointed in the direction of Campbell several times lately and will definitely be checking these out. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource :)

Most of the stuff I need help with I find on your site :) I am not terribly schooled on Jung except for what I've read here and have found it useful. I recently picked up a Jung book on archetypes with the intent on reading it cover to cover but then found it to be a very difficult read.
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From pillywiggin....
Dream: dark night dream
Jerry, I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one. Regimentation is represented by a program that we are now following at my workplace which requires "standardization" of just about everything. I'm a teacher, and our focus is now on "standardized classrooms" and pacing guides, etc. I am also responsible for the care of two elderly parents. I feel overwhelmed every day, and I do most certainly feel trapped. Interesting how my subconcious is telling me in pictures something that I think about everyday. I guess my dream life is echoing my
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From Rosa....
Dream: dream
Thank you so much!! Actually it makes sense. The 2 circles, are 2 people, me and my son, then the pi, yes it's the endless relationship in my heart between me and him; in our lives there are other people such as friends, etc. but I do feel deep in my heart, that life is lonely, empty no matter who is around, the only who fulfills is my kid and the circles are together through the straight line. What it's interesting that before he born (11 years ago) I had a similar dream, in which I was like in a distant planet like Pluto, Desertic, there was this building that I was coming in and there was the clock. But I do not remember details about it, just the circle that I knew I was looking at it, that I know was a clock. I thought it was telling me about some time either running out, like I had to rush. Then came my son... so this must be the sequel, lol. thank you again, it was really bugging me not to know. I work with my drems for many years now, and I am really good interpreting. But I do not have any knowledge about symbolism like the pi or the circles; and i needed help. Have a good Sunday and I hope the universe repays you for your good deed. Rosa
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From Leti....
Dream: Dream
First time I post on this website, not sure how it works. Are you a psychologist Jerry or just any one on the Forum? anyway, thanks much for your thoghts, they are spot on over all. yes I come from a large family, 4 older brothers and yes did not receive adequate emotional nourshment from either of them in the past, Am unattached now, except trying to look after my aging parents... My uncle is my mother's single brother who never married and who never moved out of my grandparent's house and is still liveing there. I go visit him maybe once every 3 months or so.... when I was little I thought he was funny but he hanged out more with my brothers and me, didn't get much attention from him really.

Yes what you say does fit with aspects in my life.

it's a difficult phase. Thansk you so very much for your time and thoughts. I had this dream this very morning and on my own I hadn't gone as far as you did.
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From kassandra....
Dream: fish dream
Jerry, thank you very much! This is really helpful. It was very confusing for me to have this nostalgic feeling all of sudden, although until then the only thing I felt was anger. But your interpretation really makes sense. I really appreciate your comment. After reading your message, I remembered another dream I had, which I suddenly find similar in a way. A few months before we split up (funnily enough it was the first time I thought of splitting up), I dreamt that my bf had an "evil" twin. I saw this dark twin of his cooking something in a cauldron. I asked him what he was cooking and opened the lid, only to see a kind of soup. Inside the soup my limbs were floating and at that point he said "Oh, but we are eating you for lunch, didn't you know?". This time the feeling I had when I woke up was horrible though.
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From Bob....
Dream: Eyes falling out
Thanks makes sense. I have been juggling health issues which my son doesn't know. Hence, a family hx of glaucoma and 4-year olds bad dream make for anxiety. Thanks
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From Tammy....
Dream: Wolf in Dream
Thank you so much for your response. I've been dealing with some very deep emotional issues in the last year, things that have troubled me at times my whole life but where this journey is taking me seems to be challenging my core beliefs about not only myself but all people and God. I find your references to the subconcious incredibly relevant to some things I've been trying to do lately. I'm trying to get to know myself and find that subconcious self so I'm not going through life on autopilot. I've only recently 'allowed' myself to start feeling things deeply and remembering...but some of what I'm remembering has only been bits and pieces here and there (maybe a good thing when I think about it because I can only digest certain amounts at a time).

Your question about what I need to confront was hard for me but things started coming. I need to confront issues in my current life but I also need to confront my true self and all my inner issues, it's a multi-faceted process.

I've never thought a lot about the meaning of dreams before but the wolf haunted me in my concious mind after I woke up and it was burning in me to know. First, to know if he was good or bad because I didn't get a clear sense but then to know what he was, what he represented. The more I recall the wolf and his eyes, the more I think he was my friend. You said he is unconcious aggression the emotional issues are having in my concious life so maybe he is my friend - bringing things to my attention. Thanks so much for your insight.
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From Linda....
Dream: Tall Baby
Hi Jerry,
Thanks for your insight. It really made me think, because I was just recently fired from my job as a surgical nurse, and it hit me really hard. I caught one of the doctor's (the owner of the surgery center) lying to someone about something that I felt was very important. I confronted him about lying, and I got fired a week later. So, your interpretation was very interesting to me! I guess I am facing a new beginning;standing up for myself didn't turn out so good for my employment, but I felt like it was good for my soul.
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From Salina....
Dream: Dragon dream
Thank you for your prompt response! Your interpretation of my dream is wholesome, positive and rings true.
Of course, you are right about balancing the physical demands as well as nurturing the creativity that gets constantly repressed. One does wonder what would happen if the lid were taken off so to speak.
I read Freud many moons ago and if I remember rightly, that it is the socialisation of man that teaches us to supress the ego. I know what I want to do, but due to external influences, (parents, social, financial, family commitments) I proscrastinate. Hopefully my dreams will reveal more. Incidentally, since I have requested that my angels reveal answers to my many questions, I have been dreaming quite vividly and have actually been given solutions, even for the most simple requests in the dream. I will buy Campbell's book on your recommendation, it seems very appropriate for me now.
Kind regards,
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From Liz....
Dream: The Cat and the Window
Thanks Jerry - yes there are perhaps multi layers in the dream - the cat, emotional difficulties, protection, my sister, myself etc. Yes the cat related directly to my sister and her kindness to a suffering stray - still looking after her now!! This kindness which my sister has to the cat was also apparent to me personally when I was young and she was nine years older and tried her best to be protective in an environment where we both experienced different types of abuse from 'ill parents.' Obviously she had her own stuff to deal with and we were both trying our best to survive. Much of this has been spoken about and dealt with but because the wounds are quite deep they might well be surfacing at the moment for different reasons - so yes the vulnerability is there again, the need for 'looking after' etc but not for the same reasons as forty years ago. Rather there are a whole swathe of things happening at the moment from health issues to a change in direction physically and spiritually which brings up a real sense of insecurity to say the least and this is probably reigniting old feelings of a very open place where there is little protection and little surety. I am aware of this and at the same time there is no way I can make decisions any longer simply because they are easier and provide security. There is much more at stake now and the discomfort is real but I simply can't take the easy path any longer. So dreams are probably bringing up themes of the past because present painful situations are also being faced - however inadequately. Anyway I'll stop there for now - thanks again for the feedback. Liz
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From Lisa....
Dream: House & Elephant
Interesting but makes a lot of sense. I lived in this "old house" 4.5 years and moved away from it to GA in 2004. I moved to this house from a suburb (traditional square box) to in-town, eclectic neighborhood. I felt free, no "rules", tapping into my individuality and creativity. Helene is part of lesbian couple and although I'm not a lesbian, she may represent to me the non-traditional, independent, free spirit in me. As to the party and celebration, my father died last Thursday and there is some feeling of relief that with his passing, financial freedom is realized eventually which allows me to move again back to a city environment, with people and places around me that I feel free and safe. I know you believe that dreams at my age do not reflect current events but I can't help but think the opposite. I'm thinking that I have had periods in my life when I lived in the traditional mold but others when I was the dreamer, explorer, free spirit. Lately, although I live again in a traditional square box, I've been anxious to evolve back to this free spirit self and stay there. There is some baggage with my father that I can now let go of although I sense now that he knew and appreciated my non-traditional self more than I thought. What do you think of the elephant?
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From Shelly....
Dream: Night Time Cemetery and a Closet
Thank you so much for looking at this for me. The idea of buried emotions does resonate. I am a teacher, and this year am working with a grade level I have never worked with before. We are also dealing with a great deal of restructuring and new personnel at my school. There are ways I would prefer to make a living, but with the economy the way it is, I feel trapped. I also am a caretaker for my parents, and recently my father had was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and had to move into an assisted living center. When I compare this information with the interpretation you have provided, I am able to make some connections. I am still pondering a deeper meaning that I believe is there, but I'm not making a connection yet.
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From Kendra....
Dream: Re: Attempted Rape by Demon/Devil
Thank you Jerry, I admire the way you use jungs theories and how you are so generous to respond to our dreams. A lot of the time these dreams will leave people feeling very unsettled and vulnerable and having someone to listen to them and help explain them in a comfort.

Recently my husband was accused of a crime he didn't commit and it has been a very scary hard time. I believe this may have a role in bringing up inner demons.

Now that you mention the panties and top association to child hood I do remember sleeping in something very similar when I was a child. I did have a lovely childhood with people who cared for me, but at the same time I faced a lot of emotional abuse & sexual abuse happened at a very young age. Sometimes I feel like I pretend that didn't happen because I don't want those adults to have to feel any guilt and I don't want to be a selfish bad person who only focuses on the negative. So when people ask I say I had a lot of people who loved me when I was a kid, because I did, and I didn't starve to death, because I didn't. I'm not one of those kids who was beaten to death or suffered years of sexual abuse. (it only happened for one year in my toddler years).
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From jaime....
Dream: Re: gifts
I like this interpretation, i.e. the first one. I do not think it was a wish-fulfillment dream. For one thing, though it's not been an easy time, I have had more "wishes" come true in the recent past than I would have believed possible in my former life. I am very pleased that you think I met my shadow. I have read about the shadow and was never aware of meeting it/her before. I like that the story in real life really means something about MY inner life. She got kicked out of the other apartment more-or-less for bad behavior, the place was trashed; but now she comes back, a better person, the outer person is healthier and better cared-for and so the inner person can shine through, whereas before she was just a shambles. I don't know yet exactly what part of my life this might be referring to. I did some minor bad things when I was young, but ever since have been responsible, tried hard to "do the right thing." But not necessarily happy. I thought I had a pretty good life, but I guess I spent a lot of time being full of bad feelings like envy, confusion, self-doubt, blaming others. Relationships that I wanted never seemed to work out. I seemed to scare people off; I read that about the shadow, that it can be frightening, ugly. Though there have been dramatic changes recently in my outward life, in my inner life, I believe the change has been gradual and organic. It has all just "happened," I don't know how. But I will go with this interpretation and see if I can start to understand more. Thank you.
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From Sayuri....
Dream: Re: Fighting a female dog
Hi Jerry!

Oh thanks once again for the wonderfull help in interpreting my dream. I think it was really accurate. I am, indeed, a bit afraid of get too involved in love relationships. That have kept me running from them a bit, but now I'm chilling out and giving a try, so to speak. Relaxing to "lets see".

Thanks once again! Hugs! Sayuri!
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From Ken....
Dream: Re: missing "teeth"
Thanks for your response Jerry. I am worn out by family stuff right now. I journaled a couple days ago that I'd be in Ireland or Italy if it weren't for my commitment to son and his son. It has been a couple difficult weeks with my son. What was it that Zorba said, "Wife, house, children. The full catastrophy". I beleive this will pass. It is a rough patch now. I cannot imagine a way to make it better at this moment. I want to stay connected to grandson and his father. So yep looking for a break in all the stress and have no idea how to get to such place.

Appreciating your comments and insight.

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From Zoe....
Dream: Re: recuring dreams
:) hey thank you so much. What you are saying does make a lot of sense, I appreciate it :)
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From Domintheos....
Dream: Re: Interesting Dream: Elementals, Ethereal Double and Portals
Jerry I commend you for your interpretation of my dream, as it was the best i've heard yet. I like the way you fragmented and mapped the dream for translation as well. Thank you very much, and I will be participating in your forum much more because of this.
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From LuLu....
Dream: Re: The drowning
Thanks for your comments on my dream.

As you rightly point out, perhaps there are aspects of the dream that show my inner and outer conflicts about tarot reading - in my "outer world" this has come across as a bit flaky, whereas I have been known to be a very practical and intelligent person in the past (was a successful investment banker!) Also finding close ones a bit taken aback that I have left my career for something as esoteric and "vague" as spiritual studies!

I think perhaps the "obese, yet cheerful in-law" reflects my unconcious need to hold my own as the new person I am becoming - she's obese (socially negative) but happy and I am a flaky tarot reader- also socially negative when I have historically maintained a social and self image of "practical and intelligent"?

The second conflict concerning tarot - the annoyance about my friend trying to appear "interesting". The annoyance is specifically because I see the tarot as a spiritual tool used for self awareness and growth, rather than a party game or social tool. The temptation to misuse the tarot to impress others conflicts with another aspect of my self-image "the serious and deep spiritualist".

So you are right, the conflicts are many concerning tarot - and on a larger scale these are conflicts related to my choices for my spiritual life -going against established cultural and social norms.
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From Cynthia....
Dream: Re: Her Black Coat
I think this "removing negative aspect about her" fits just right!! She was a woman I could never get close to. She was annoying, somehow snobbish and showy and shallow. Enough times she was getting on my nerves but I never talked back out of respect as she was my husband's mother. This, was pressing me. Here is the strange thing : the moment I learned she died, right that moment, I forgot all the wrongs she had done. I forgot all the annoyance. I only remember things as Facts but I don't remember the bitter feeling. It surprises me some times how this thing happened so automatically, it really feels like I took a black coat off her wardrobe, leaving it with only colourful dresses.
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From Deana....
Dream: Re: Earthquake
You and Jerry were on the money. Seems this thing from my past has officially reared it's ugly head once again today. Jerry, The subconcious never ceases to amaze me. When I read your response you made me remember a fleeting thought that was suggestive to this situation arising once again. At the time that thought was so small I'd completely forgotten it. Jenna, you are right. It can be hard to see good within a crisis. Perhaps good will finally come after going through the storm to get to the sunnier side of the street this time. Thank you both.
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